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I'm late for my Penthouse appointment!!

Hi all

Don't pop in much thesedays but thought I would post a quick update. As of Weds I haven't smoked for a whole year! I can't say it enough that I was such a commited smoker that most people who know me laughed at the prospect of me quitting. However I have proved my family wrong, and learnt that I am stronger than I ever imagined. Thanks to everyone on here who kept me going in the early days, I really mean it when I say I was more scared of letting you guys down than myself :eek:

Well, going to knock on the Penthouse door and see who's there, maybe catch up with some old mukka's to whom I owe a glass or two for their words of support and wisdom along the way here.

Pip x

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Cheers Pip, well done!! Penthouse is happy to have you :)


I was looking for you yesterday Pip when I arrived at the Penthouse - fantastic feeling isn't it:D:D WELL DONE!!!



Another one reaches the penthouse! It's always so exciting to see these posts.

Well done Pip. Fanbloodytastic.

Helen x


I love reading these posts as it always puts a smile one my face so................................

HUGE Congrats to Pip and Claire for both reaching the penthouse. It is an amazing feeling and so justly deserved by both of you.

Enjoy the view and of course the party atmosphere here as well. Here's to the next and the next. Again CONGRATS to you both.






Welcome to the penthouse

with all the september quitters from last year its time to have another party

((not that we need an excuse obviously :p ))


Carol x


Great news Pip - and oh so lovely to hear you've made it. You gave me some really sound and helpful advice early in my quit, so thank you - and welcome to your new home!

I hope to join you all before tooo long ...




Thanks all! :D

Lovely to hear from some familiar people, have been on so little lately I'm not keeping up with the new starters!

Hope you're all keeping well!

Pip xx


Well done Pip, knew you would make it :D

Zoe xxxx



Well done Pip. its good to see a familiar name still going strong.



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