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A few hours early but I'm waiting in the penthouse foyer !!!!!!

Donkeys years since I started a new post but I'm sooooooooo excited to do this one :)

1 year done and dusted at 11.16 pm today. May not have chance to get online tomorrow hence the early post, so I will just be waiting in the penthouse foyer for the doors to open. Hope my DFS swivel cuddly chair is ready :D

Its a fantastic feeling and to anyone earlier on in their quits I can only say that it feels great not to be a nicotine slave and the freedom is out there for everyone.

This forum has definitely been instrumental on keeping me on track and a real lifesaver in the early days when at times it felt as though it was an easier option to give in and try on yet another day.

Many people to thank for the early days, but especially Max, Hawk, Kat & Angela- - proud of you all as you have stayed quit and contributed big time to the forum.

Dig deep everyone and stay on course with your quits, you can do it. The less pleasant withdrawal symptoms will pass and your life and body find a 'new normal'.

The best of Brizzle to you all

Donna x

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Hi Donna

Well done! I remember you back last year at the start of your quit along with Max, it's so good to see sooo many Jan 13 quitters making it to penthouse very inspiring, massive congrats

Lotsa love me babber

From a fellow Bristolian Donna :D xxxxx


Great stuff!

Brilliant! I've been waiting for this post not knowing if it was coming tonight or tomorrow but what's a few hours between friends? :D

Massive congratulations lovely, a year is such a big deal and I'm delighted you got there. You deserve all of the pride, satisfaction and the other genuine benefits that come with kicking this ridiculous association with smoking into touch. I'm chuffed to bits for you, really well done! Party time! xx :)


Thank you all for your kind words ,they reinforce the awesome feeling of achieving non smoker freedom.

Max, Kat & Hawk , its been a fabulous journey. I never have joined a forum before, I don't even do facebook, but you guys have made a challenging journey a pleasure and I'm chuffed to 'little mint balls' as Kat would say that you have succeeded in your quits.

Kat .. not long now my lovely, its just a matter of days and weeks before we can celebrate your 1 year milestone :)

Donna J , back atcha babbers for your kind comments, make this quit the one which works for you. Brizzle ( & South Westies ) do well with this forum, you can and will do it

Donna x


Many many congratulation:D :D :D

J x :)

Thank you Jenny, you too are doing great with your quit. Keep doing what you're doing and stay strong.

the best of Brizzle to you !!!

Donna x


This is fabulous Donna and look-CATCH!!! (**chucks a key** :D) don't stand out there in the cold get yerself in here an up to the bar-Ooh did I forget to mention-free bar,24 hours a day :D

Crackin' crop of quitters spinning the Penthouse doors,I do wonder about the ones who got away??-but clearly a huge number made it!!!! ONE YEAR of not smoking is such a massive achievement,you gone dun did it Donna!!!:p:p:p

Delighted for you,now come on in and choose a luxury room xxx

Have you heard from any of the others from late 2012/early 2013 ?? I wonder about Bossdean, Churrles, Tryingveryhard( Rachel) , Hans , Babs ???

Did willpower make it ??

( sorry I'm being lazy and not trawling back through ! )

Donna x


Dean's there hon, so's Han and Chuurles - haven't seen Poppy though, or Willpower.

Thank you Kat , I will check back through I leave a message for them . I don't know why but I haven't always been able to access the forum since around 27th December , its been a bit hit and miss so I wondered if I had missed updates

I feel a bit silly at how exciting it feels to post re 1 year... you are sooooo going to love it when you do your post soon ... will be looking out for it and listening for the cheers all the way up the M5 from Cornwall



Wohoo, am so happy to read this post, fan******tastic, well done my fellow quit friend xxxxx


Donna, very well done you and welcome to the penthouse:)


Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Fantastic to see so many Jan 13 quitters taking te penthouse by storm!! Amazing!! xxx


Congratulations :D


Congratulations, and the penthouse gains another brilliant member :D


Many Congrats Nonny,

Like you I hadn't posted in ages prior to my 1 year, but I made sure that I came back to do so.

It's such a significant achievement, it seems so easy in retrospect, but in the early days of the quit it would have been easier just to quietly slope off and carry on.

Well done, and thanks for posting - like many others I found the courage to stay smoke free by reading posts that were days, weeks, months and years ahead of me.


Know I'm a bit late but wanted to say a massive well done to you hun :)


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