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Well pleased with myself

:DWent out for a meal last night with family (of the in-law variety which is always a tiny bit stressful) and managed the whole night, 4 bottles of peroni included, without once thinking of smoking. It wasn't until this morning that I realised that I hadn't even thought about cigarettes, except for when we went outside to leave and I noticed the trully awful smell from the smokers' area outside the pub - and even then I didn't relate it to myself - even to think that I was glad I wasn't out there smoking - it just didn't register until this morning. I'm so so so glad, because every time throughout my life that I managed to quit for any length of time (and I did it 3 times for almost 12 months when I had my babies) it was always when I was drinking alcohol that I would start smoking again. In fact all my previous quits were only succesful as long as I avoided so******ing :( - which doesn't lead to a very happy existence.

So now here I am, mid 40's and genuinely enjoying having a drink without the need to combine it with cigarettes for the first time in my entire life, and what's more - without even thinking about smoking. :D

Happy happy milestone

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Lauren you are quite right to be pleased with yourself.......and I am so pleased for you too. Posts like this make me feel all warm and giggly inside......and I could leap up and punch the air in triumph at yet another lovely forum member breaking free. Bloody great stuff Lauren. :)


great news you are doing fantastic who needs fags life is for living :D good luck stay strong :):)


hi Lauren, i know how you feel. Having a drink was always going to be a toughie but i managed it too on saturday! congratulations to you.

Regarding you comment about the smell, i cant say i find it "truly awful" as you put it. I really like it but that doesn't mean i want to smoke.



Thank you everyone :)

Themagic - About the smell - In the past whenever I stopped smoking I would find myself thoroughly enjoying the smell of cigarettes like the bisto twins and gravy (only fresh smoke though.. stale has NEVER appealed!). But on this quit, and probably the first time in my adult life, I find the smell of cigarettes, fresh or otherwise, awful. I am putting this down to when I was first taking the champix but still smoking. The Champix, because it blocks the nicotine receptors, makes smoking pointless... so if you do smoke on champix it is like smoking a cigarette for the first time... which is great because you get to experience what cigarettes really taste like (not what your addiction has tricked you into thinking they taste like) and they actually make you feel sick. Now, every time I smell smoke I am reminded of those last few cigarettes before I quit.

(ps.. Dippyegg - I actually had a Dippyegg today with toasted soldiers and it was fabulous :D)



Its really lovely when that happens, booze has always been one of my weak spots for the old monster to resurface, glad that it was all okay and its great that you didn't even miss it! way to go!

Heres to your nice new pink lungs..... *ching ching* ( tea cups btw, its clearly too early for anything else!):)


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