Really, month 4, how did that happen?

Month 4, wowser, how did that happen? This weekend I went to a wedding of the mini bus driver that takes my youngest special boy to school. Just my son and I were invited and not knowing anyone the pressure was on. How would my son behave, would anyone talk to me, alcohol etc.? Well, I watched the smokers come and go out the back door - doesn't that smell linger for ever! Avoided alcohol, thought it best. Met a friend I hadn't seen in ages, so all good on the social front, and my little man behaved beautifully. Didn't even want a fag! Omg!

I'm in a very different place to where I was even a month ago, however, I will not let my guard down, my quit is too precious for me on so many levels

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  • So very pleased for you, all is going great, I have a little twinkle in my eye, re the penthouse.

    Your little man, how proud you must be.,!!

    Brilliant, bring on the next month

  • well done on getting to month 4...good feeling isn't it? Wait til you get to the next milestone of 6 months...

  • About time Caroline! :p

    I really do think it's a good idea to avoid alcohol until you're absolutely 100% solid in your quit, and that day is becoming ever closer :)

    4 months away from your last smoke, it will soon become a dim and distant memory and the craves will disappear for good. Keep on following NOPE and you really can't go wrong, top stuff! :)

  • Thanks for the lovely comments x yes the room is lovely, just scoffed a bag of sherbet liquorice that was laying around :)

  • Congratulations, caroline.

  • Well done Caroline, four months is fab! :D

  • thank you Nicky, can't reaqlly get my head round it. Seems like the smoking me was somene else, but then sometimes it like the non smoking me is just a very good actress. doesn't matter 'cos i'm not ever going to smke again. yahoo! x

  • Good stuff Caroline, on-wards and upwards

    Well done

  • Great stuff Caroline! Gets a little easier from here on in xxx

  • Well done are my inspiration...glad you had a great time, I find the kids always behave better then you expect them to when you really need them to...they smell the fear...and pity us...xx

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