feeling good

today is day 39 of my quit and the last 2 days have been the best by far im feeling positive and full of life and hoping this feeling will last i found my quit to be a bit of a rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs i didnt think i would get this far its an amazing achievement for me i know i must stay focused and strong but to think that ive got the control is the best feeling ever so to all just starting out keep going things will get better :D:D:D

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  • Congratulations!

    It's my 39th too. Feeling so much better in many ways, but could sleep for England now! I used to be up at 5 or 6 am and now I'm still snuggled in there at 8.30 some days and have to force myself to get up! It's such a good feeling not to be smoking though.:)

  • thanks

    well done to you too becky i know what you mean about sleep its so nice not have to get up and run down stairs for a nasty smelly fag ..... keep up the fantastic work :):):)

  • Yaay .Yes that is great not making that first cig your no1 priority in the morning, though the dog misses my little sorties to the back door.

    Best of all though the Government is not getting 26p for every fag you would have smoked:) 26p!! That's £5.20 on a pack :eek: I was amazed when I read that this morning. I didn't realise it was so much.

  • Omg


  • Congratulations to both of you. A monumental achievement indeed. you should both be so proud and yes, all of that dosh!!!!

  • Thanks magic32. And you are on your way as well:D

    Yes, Clare. More shoes , I say.

  • Good job

    Well done Clare Becky Magic. You have all done fantastically well! Brilliant job. deffo get some shoes.xx:)

  • Well done to all of u

    Keep up the good quitting work

  • Thanks Shelley and Haze.

    Yes maybe more shoes,Haze.....tho maybe that's the next addiction I should try to knock on the head. xx

  • thanks

    i love this forum its been a big help to me with so many great people thanks to you all i feel like a musketeer one for all and all for one :):)

  • You guys are blazing the trail and i'm doing everything i can to stay in your slipstream!!

    Go for it and buy the way..... i thought all girls had an addiction to shoes... :rolleyes:

  • thanks magic but you are with us because together we can achieve so much more :D:D:D

  • Yay good for you!!! I'm on day 55 so I'm not too far ahead of you! It's an awesome feeling to pause your life and see your progress and congrat yourself as well. Idk about you but friends of mine say I'm starting to look healthy and refreshed. Example: my dark circles under my eyes are fading away more. I'm not coughing anymore!

    And extra money!!! I am jealous you guys get to shop over in the UK. I would absolutely love to go shop for shoes there.

    Again, congrats to you.

    Keep going! You got this for sure.


  • hi aliiciia well done to you just think of all the money you are saving you can come to the uk for a holiday good luck stay strong :):):)

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