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Feeling good

Ok just wanted to post a positive thread (for once!) I have just taken the dog for a walk. I vary my walks quite a lot and this was one I had not done in a while mainly because it has quite a large hill involved :eek: However I found when I got to the top of this mountain (in my eyes) I felt good, no I felt great, not out of breath, not having to stop for a while, just fine. I have just got back and had a large glass of water and I am feeling really positive about exercising, about been outside and I have not felt this good for a very long time :D

I know I have not run a marathon or climbed a mountain but to me in my own little way it is a very real sign that my body is healthy and stronger.

So to anybody out there having a bad day, or not feeling positive about their quit, it does get easier, it does get better and we are sooo worth it.

I think I should also add, that without this place I would still be reaching the top of that hill out of breath and returning home to sit at the table with a cuppa and cig!


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Well done Bev,

Soon we'll have you running marathons given the positive start to your new exercise regime. However, I've heard it said that just being a mother is exercise regime enough. Hey, shadow boxing is also a fun way to exercise.



Thanks Cav, I feel really up for this exercise thing at the moment, but I am sure if I sit down for long enough that it will pass.


lovely post:)

bet you feel so good . summer in uk -and a dog to walk -and lungs free to breathe that air.

my main quit aim is to feel like you did today. getting there :):)

one post can make such a difference to someone out on forum at right time . ta x


Great to hear, and great for you to do. I've noticed too when walking the dog that there's no tightness in the chest etc. Feels good eh. Hope this spurs everyone on who might not be feeling quite so positive today, stick with it cos it really is worth it.

Cheers, Lorraine :)


Hi Skylark, I know what you mean I remember coming on here and reading posts that just seemed to help me get through the next crave. and I am really glad it helped you. Even tho time has passed since my walk I am still feeling really positive about it, which I have to admit is a bit sad!

Lorraine, it really does feel good, I must admit I was beginning to feel that I was always going to remain out of breath and unhealthy but now I can finally see that my body is healing and getting stronger.


Hi Bev.................great post hun:)

Feels great doesn't it to get out in the great blue yonder and fill up those healing lungs with good clean fresh air , your body will be so grateful to you for doing it .

I can run now and feel geat while doing it , especially as I didnt expect to be doing enegetic stuff which is soooooooooooooooooo much easier without a lambert and butler in my mouth:eek:

Best wishes



Same here Bev. I have always enjoyed walking, i think it's good for the soul ;) and since quitting i have so much more energy and to breath without that tightness or phlegm is like a miracle. Makes you realise just how amazing your body is given the chance to heal. :)


Good post Bev.

It's good to feel that improvement within ourselves isn't it? :) Achieving something like that without the painful breaths at the end is a great way of finding out that at last the healing is noticeable.

My taste buds and sense of smell never really suffered whilst smoking.

Earlier this summer I got back in the saddle and started cycling again. Some friends had asked us to join them on a mini cycling tour. Hadn't been on a bike in at least 8 years and then not much.

Lot's of training and part of that included 'my hill'. Not long but steep. It took a few attempts to make it without stopping and pushing but I did it.

I know full well that a year ago whilst smoking I would not have made that hill at all. My lungs would not have allowed me.

Keep at it Bev.... exercise really is a great replacement, both mentally and physically.

I now get twitchy and moody if I don't get my miles in :) Far better to get edgy over lack of exercise than when the next smoke is.


Thanks Cav, I feel really up for this exercise thing at the moment, but I am sure if I sit down for long enough that it will pass.

Funny, Bev..... keep up the exercise!


Excellent post Bev

That was a good post Bev

Nice to see some positive stuff especially good for those following on behind.

Breath deep.

Smoking in da house, wor Bev, tut tut, old thing!



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