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Having a bad day. desperatly want to smoke.

Daughter has been admitted to hospital. 32wks pregnant and her waters broke early this morning. Also showing all symptons of preaclamsia but it not showing in blood work. Very high blood pressure, protein in water and all the other symptons.

Has had injections to develop babys lungs and antibiotics to try and ward off infection. now having scan to check baby growth as it now doesn't appear to match dates. (fingers crossed it's only because baby is head down)

If i get offered 1 i may just grab it but not buying any.


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Although I can understand why the temptation is there, you absolutely should not smoke today. It will not help one bit. You'll put the cigarette out, stand there, and feel exactly the same as you did before, except maybe a bit lightheaded, you'll stink of fags, and feel bad about yourself.

I don't mean to sound like I'm having a go, but this scenario seems to crop up time and time again on here.

Someone comes on and tries to justify why they need to smoke. Telling everyone that things are so bad, that if they do smoke, it's just to be expected. Unfortunately for me, there is ALWAYS going to be an excuse at some point in everyone's quit, and you either accept that it's tough some days or forget it.

By you smoking a cigarette, it won't help you or your daughter one bit. It won't change what's happening, it won't make the doctors perform any better, and in a weeks time, you'll just feel really bad again.

Hope you get through this test. They'll always be a few!

The other point is this: if you can get through today, then you've beaten the worst possible scenario. You've have an incredibly stressful day, but you didn't smoke, you feel proud, and it can't get any harder than that!

You had a massive test, AND PASSED!

Good luck! All the best to you and your daughter.

I agree completely, one thing has nothing to do with the other, having a fag will change nothing and won't make you feel better I wouldn't think....but above all that, I hope all goes well, that's the most important thing today...........

Thanks. This is just what i need to keep me off them.

Been at work so am ok at the moment and patch is still firmly in place:D

I will get through these couple of days, even with a pounding headache

(not much sleep)

Well done. Times like these are so hard but we feel a lot stronger and proud of ourselves for not smoking. Hope everything is going well for your daughter.

i feel for you but like eveyone has said smoking will make it worse instead of better! you will get to that point where smoking is no longer and option! it starts that vicious smoking cycle all over again..you dont want that!! all the best to you and i hope all works out!

That's a real sad situation WTSN :(

I have to agree with everyone here, while it might feel like a relief, it isn't going to change any thing to the situation. other than you having to deal with one more 'situation' you would be better off without.

Best wishes to you and your family, and stay strong!


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