No Smoking Day
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Looks like I should be somewhere other than here!

Ok peeps, I find myself introducing little me to all of you less than a week ago and then having to say 'goodbye'!!!

Apologies, I am very new to this and did not realise that I have officially evicted myself from this room the day I joined! I should, please someone correct me if I'm wrong, be in Room Month 2!

In fact, I had to read a lot of posts to figure it out and for quite some days, kept asking myself 'what the f***k is the penthouse?'... Since figured out that's it's a place I wanna be at😉

Anyway, lovely to meet you guys conquering month 1, it's a breeze, if YOU let it be... Trust me! I endeavour to see you in the next room, don't let me down now!

Until then, stay focused, stay clean and stay true to yourself!

Mimi xx

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