No Smoking Day
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Whats it like in here then?

One month room look out!

The flab febs are comin through:! ( if it stays still long enough i eat it)

Hope we will fit in this room it's a bit cramped and definitely in need of a clean up:mad:

Lucky i know some scrubbers who are a bit handy with the old broomsticks, the way they fly them about is fantastic:D

But what also is fantastic, is that we have (or will have on Monday) made it to the one month mark, just get through this weekend smoke free and pull up a seat:cool: after you have put the kettle on and made me a brew that is:p

Stay focused

and don't smoke today!

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Hi Mark :D

Just popping in to say well done and not standing still so you can't eat me OK

Have made you a brew to celebrate with though

You're right this place needs cleaning out but not my job lol




[Hope we will fit in this room it's a bit cramped and definitely in need of a clean up:mad:

Well Done you!! What ya trying to say ... us one monthers are a messy bunch are we ha ha!! ;) Well you will be pleased to know that there are a few of us about to move into the room next door, 2 months, so that should tidy things up a bit hee hee!! I will leave you my remaining tea bags and coffee, they're in the cupboard on the right hand side!!

Fantastic job on the one month. :D




Congrats on the month and hope you have a happy stay in month one but of course its a bit untidy its because at month one every one is still a bit antsy and not feeling like cleaning or much else but you sound good and chirpy so as you say get your scrubbers in there and get some cleaning done, and if they would like to pop along to month three room and give that a quick shifty as we dont find much time for cleaning as we are having too much fun.

Thanks for that have a good one xx


Not if i eat it first!

I'll be fighting you for the food Mark!!

And who exactly you referring to as scrubbers may I ask??? ;)

Bring on Monday!!! And I'm not cleaning there today, I have got enough to do here!



Lock your food away!

- or I will eat it!

Looks like you have the full complement of scrubbers in this room with you then Mark, even if it is a bit cramped in here!

Can't believe it's a month on Monday - amazing! Have made the decision to knock the booze on the head, so weekends are going to be a bit easier now too, I think.

Well done to all the Fab/Flab Feb Quitters who have made it this far, and keep on trying to all those who didn't!

Lottie x


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