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Day 23 cant believe it

:D:) SO happy to be saying just over 3 weeks quit! longest ever quit but alot! im really really struggling with engery levels atm though i dont know why it comes in a few days waves and im also very very constipated! i think maybe thats making me tired???

anyways constipations and tiredness aside, it is still better to be a none smoker i think! ive kept the same 10er in my purse for 4 days! lol

feels good!!! xxxx

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Hi Nikki

Congratulations, I feel the same after 5 weeks, tired and constipated and feeling really bloated a lot of the time, but yes it is a good feeling to have quitted. I am ever hopeful that these symptoms will soon dissappear and that I will soon feel a lot healthier.

Heres hoping for both of us x x


Well done both of you, the tiredness is a killer, I'm struggling to get out of bed in the mornings worse than ever at the moment but it's a small price to pay. I get a bit bloaty too but that's because my diet's so poor I think. I can't stop eating at the moment but there you go, rather that than smoke again :)


Of all the things I expected about giving up smoking tiredness wasn't one of them. I knew about constipation and I expected cravings. I didn't get the cravings just lots of anxiety and tiredness like I've never known in my life. I'll be 8 weeks on Sunday and the tiredness only comes occasionally now. Luckily I can give into it. Old age has it's perks :-)


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