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No Smoking Day
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Day 21 cant believe I've got here!!

Hi peeps

I'm soo excited that I've got to day 21 that means I'll be entering my fourth week tomorrow!!! Well done to everyone whose trying to beat it, even if youve had a wobble the desire to stop is the first step. I wanted to stop for ages but the patches were left in the drawer for months, never seemed like the right time. No smoking day came and I just did it like that, felt like it would be motivating to stop with lots of others. What I've noticed about this site is that theres lots of people wanting to quit everyday and theres always someone with you to help you no matter what day you on, how grumpy or peed off you feel. I was close to cracking on day 18 and I got encouragement from others knowing that I wasnt the only grumpy cow and that it will pass made me stop reaching for the cigs. Just thought I'd take it every 5 mins and here I am!!!

Thanx everyone youve kept me positive ,dont know wether I'd have got this far!!

Feeling grrreat without the cigs, skin feeling smoother, teeth whiter and more energy and my kids are loving more time with mum. I still feel the need to rush about keeping busy, still not having long chats on the phone with my sister but that will no doubt become easier!:eek:

Bye for now see u in Month 1!!! werhoo!!

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3 weeks is awesome, congratulations.

Just keep doing what you're doing, cos it's working :D


Hi Angela

Well done you! Fantastic!

I hadn't realised that tomorrow is the start of week 4 - woohoo!! Let's hope that week 4 is when the grumpiness starts to go!


TT x


well done Angela.. im at the same stage day 21 today.... shame i cant say the same about my age lol....

im feeling a lot better this week then last week.. it was a really tough week last week with the anger feeling but after such a nice weekend it doesnt seem to have returned ( fingers crossed it stay that way)

i havent really had any cravings this week just my brain telling me to have one but my body not wanting one if that makes sense.. which makes me think that my body is recovering and that the nicotine is leaving or has left my body but now i have to focus on my brain to shut up lol....

i am feeling proud of myself that i have lasted this long i have well and truely beaten the mark i got to last time :D x x


Well done you, not long now and you'll be counting in months :D


Hi Angela, T T and Jewls :D

Great going you are all entering week 4 tomorrow well done and hope you're all proud of yourselves keep it up


Marg xxxxxxxx


congratulations to everyone on week three going into week four, its a great feeling and so glad to have this forum its such a help, trying to get name sorted for the march quitters and suggestions are going for the mad march quitters post if you want to join or suggest any other name we need a group!



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