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I cant believe how hard it is this time

The last time I stopped smoking I seemed to sail through it, until that dreaded day when I picked one up. This time is so very different, I cant tell you how hard it is. This morning all I want to do is go to the shop and buy a pack.

I wont of course but Ive started singing the dreaded nursery rhymes again, they seemed to do the trick and block out the wailing of the nicodemon last time, Im hoping it will do the same this time.

Maybe if I have to fight for my quit this time I wont be so easy to fool into thinking I can have one and just go back to stopping, because believe me that doesnt happen.

I was reading an older post by someone who has probably left the group by now, in it they say that they have been quit for a year but had the odd one when drunk. How on earth do they do that? Have one now and again and then just go on with their quit! I had one and it was my downfall.

Today is day 3 and I know the 3's are tough, but I didnt feel like this last time.

I will not smoke today! I wont! I bloody, bloody WONT!


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Awww, bless you Lillie.

You have been so good at giving people help and advice with their quits but its not so easy to take your own advice is it??

All I can say is take every minute, every hour and every day as it comes and not think about tomorrow. Thats the advice that I first took when I started this quit.....and so far it works :D

Anyway, Lillie, you take care. I am watching out for you.



:( ahhh sending you virtual hugs sweetie

it may feel like its harder but have you reread all your old posts your mind has a way of forgetting things that either hurt phyisically or mental

some people can get away with having the odd ciggy well for so long anyway and thinking they cant be hooked but they do eventually as the nic demon will only allow so many freebies so to say i was like that i used to have the odd one when i was out drinking waking up the next morning with a tight chest and a horrible taste and thinking wtf was i thinking then dreading that craving feeling which didnt come and thinking i had gotton away with it till afew years down the line i was upset got offered a ciggy had another one which i had never previously had before and before i even realised i had to go and buy a pack back for the friends ciggys i had been nicking then done the same again ummm ended up buy 2 packs just to stopp nicking my mates and the rest as they say is history

focus on your reasons and it will get easier and you dont want to go down this road again

onwards and upwards is the way to go



Hi Lillie

Keep going hunni, you can do this and beat it's a&se into submission.

Keep positive



Hi Lillie,

I'm so impressed that you're back on the case. I KNOW how difficult it is.

You did so well last time and you will again.

Stay positive and focused.

I hope work is ok?

Sending you loads of peaceful, calm thoughts




Hi Lillie Star

Welcome back!!! New year, new start and all that...I'm sure you'll be strong enough to make it 4 days, 5 days, a week, 10 days, a fortnight!!! Baby steps and soon you'll be further on than last time!!! :D


Lillie, keep going and stay away from the shops, If it's any help I'm also on day 3 and having a toughie, just keep going and make sure your day 4-7 threads posted tomorrow alongside mine, just kick this cack day into touch and tell it to beat it, lol.


Hey Lillie,

I agree with what Dave1968 says.

New year, new start and all that...I'm sure you'll be strong enough to make it 4 days, 5 days, a week, 10 days, a fortnight!!! Baby steps and soon you'll be further on than last time!!!

You were so strong before and will be again, I know day 3 is horrible, but it is just ONE day, and tomorrow you will be over the worst and hopefully smiling again.

Are you using any NRT this time? I don't see any reason why you shouldn't up it a bit if today is bad, you got off the patches pretty smartish last time so it wouldn't hurt to use whatever you need to get through the worst days.

Have to admit I crashed too, fell for an old trigger which I wasn't expecting to fall for, but that's another story .... Will be back on the wagon asap as smoking really sucks and I don't like it at all.

Wishing you all the best Lillie, stay strong cos you know you are.


Zoe xxxx


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