No Smoking Day
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cant quite believe it

but im here on day 3 via cold turkey!

today has been a little easier than yesterday so far, my mood doesnt seem to be as bad but there is still half the day to go yet haha, i very nearly had one last night but i thought about what people here have said about going through it all again, so thank you to those who have been posting back to me while ive been waffling away on here, without that i may of had one by now, glad i havnt though :D

also, margereth, i read your post on my day 2 topic and ive checked out those links, thank you very much for the welcome :)

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You are doing fantastic especially on cold turkey which I know I could not do so well done.


Yes there is a great deal of admiration from me and I hope you keep it going as it can only get easier


I also did CT, and I can promise you good days and bad days. The bad days will get less and less.

When you are having a bad time, know we are all here, and come along just to have a rant if necessary, trust me we have all done that.

One day at a time has somehow managed to get me past 7 weeks, and sometimes that still amazes me:confused:

So to pinch a few quotes from around the place "baby steps" "one day at a time", "not one puff ever", "Giant leap for mankind":eek: ok not sure the last one is from around here.

Keep strong.


Yep Yep Yep...Bev said it all. I also did CT. You are on the road curly bob - by the way I have one!. Good luck. Cheers from Di. x


Hi Curly Bob, Well done on Day 3 - how's it going now? Keep in touch



Well done CurlyBob on going cold turkey.

You should be on day 5 by now and past the 1st three days (the hardest three) let us know how its going.


thank you for all your comments people, i didnt reply because the forum was down so i couldnt get on, ive now gotten through my first week and it is getting alot easier, thanks again i appreciate it!!


Well done, and without the help of this place, I know I could not have done that.

Why are you still posting in day 3, move on up, move on out.


Hi Curly Bob :D

Well done you the first week done and dusted is great and really pleased to hear that it's getting easier for you Keep it going




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