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New and on day 32!

Hi all,

I just wanted to say.... although I have not posted before, I have found this forum a real source of support for me, it's good to know that other people are in the same boat as me. It's given me tips and encouragement which has really helped along the way.

I am on day 32, I gave up cold turkey after a bout of tonsillitis, it's not been easy. Ive smoked for 23 years around 20 a day, some days I think it's getting better, others I feel back to square one. I think it's just the changing of old habits, rather than the nicotine im finding the hardest. I seem to have replaced my smoking habit with fresh orange jusice, which is weird as I couldn't stand the stuff before.


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Hi Sharon

Welcome, and well done on your quit so far. Very good going.

I'm also Sharon, but using my Shazza nickname on here.

I wish I'd replaced my cigs with OJ. unfortunately, I seem to have significantly increased my wine intake! :eek:

Stay strong, onwards and upwards, it does get better. :D



Welcome to the forum brill isn't it? It has got me through tough times and still smoke free. I wish you the best of luck not that you will need it just a determined mind and strong resolve and of course this forum:)


thanks for your welcoming messages!.

Crazy Sue I will def save you a seat in 11 months! :) I hope it does get easier!

Shazza, I think I might try wine intead or orange, it might help me sleep!

Haze, you areright the forum does seem to keep you going, even if you are not posting.



Sharon - I'm still not sleeping properly, despite the wine! :eek: But it's fun trying (well, not on school nights of course!). :rolleyes:

Don't be too concerned about sleep disturbance. I was worried, but I don't want to replace a nictone addiction with a 'something else' addiction (other than wine!!) so have not been to GP for help. Have taken some over the counter when needed. I don't have a problem getting to sleep, I have a problem staying asleep. Lots of people of people get temporary sleep problems, although it seems temporary can be a for a few months :eek:. And for some, it's not insomina, but it's wanting to sleep for 12 hrs/night. It will settle, just as everything else needs time to settle.

Onwards and upwards. :D



I'm still the same with sleeping.. I couldn't sleep at all after week 3 but now I do fall sleep but wake up at 4 am on the dot every morning.. It's a pain but it's better than not been able to breath and getting sleep thing web u stop breathing in ur sleep and suddenly wake up.. When I was smoking..



In here. Made it and in here off me own bat.

Soz to snipe someone else's thread, just a little bit easy now to start me own. Love to everyone doing the do, we 're the bollox!


God I really hope it settles soon, I'm the same, no problem at all falling asleep, then half an hour later I'm wide awake, and lay there for ages.

That's about the worst of the withdrawals now.

The postives have been how energetic I have been feeling, been walking loads, my poor dog don't know whats hit him!

ooh and welcome Esso, We are def that aren't we ;)


Was a little bit *ahem* merry to say the least, when posting last night.

Anyway, its day 32 and I'm still going strong, so thats definitely a calendar month completed. The first calendar month in 35 years my lungs have been smoke free. Have to say it really has n't been half as bad as I was anticipating. I have me moments, same as everyone does, but I think I've been more fortunate than others in not suffering from head colds, depression, allergies or anything more than a sort of sad 'goodbye to all that' feeling from time to time. That has been more than off-set by the feelings of positivity I am increasingly getting from being and thinking like a non-(or ex-)smoker. The praise from my kids has been especially motivating.

This place definitely helps, even when not posting, like to pop in here, read posts and see people helping each other quit what is in a reality a filthy, disgusting, expensive and useless addiction.

To everyone else on this journey I say' 'Brilliant Work! Keep it up now, no slacking!'

To anyone thinking of undergoing the same journey I say 'Go for it! It might not be as bad as you fear, and you have literally nothing to lose'.

Love to all, Esso.


Brilliant Esso well done! Great post and you are definitely motivated. We have some very determined newbies at the moment it is great.:)


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