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Can't quite believe I'm here!

When I first joined this forum I didn't really think I would ever get this far but here I am!! Can't say it's been easy especially with a husband and daughter who smoke but I made it.

I may not be the most chatty on this forum but I take great encouragement reading the replies posted to other people. So 90 days done. 1800 cigarettes NOT smoked and £670 saved. Bring on the next 3 months!! :)

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Good morning,

Lovely to read this post, doing so very well, in what at times must have been very difficult.😀

A massive congratulations from me:)


Oh well done Fiorano! :D

You've just been silently getting on with it in the background and I do so admire you for holding on in there despite living with smokers. That's such an achievement and such a courageous thing.

Perhaps they will eventually be inspired to follow your example :)

Huge congratulations from me!


It must be really hard for you living with smokers. A big well done !


Congrats on getting this far in your quit. 100 days smoke free just around the corner.


Thank you all for your lovely replies.

It has been tricky some times but hay ho, us 'non smokers' just have to get on with it don't we!!n:)

I will continue to lurk about in the background watching all my fellow non smokers, making great progress!

Keep up the good work everyone :)


Wow, this is just so amazing to read. So inspirational. You've done amazingly well. Thanks for keeping your quit so that I can keep mine.


Oh Badgepup I don't think I'm inspirational, but thank you for the compliment.

Keep going with your quit and I'll do the same :)


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