Can't believe it!

Yes..........I made it to 6 months!

Never thought way back at the beginning of October that I would get anywhere near this milestone-thought I'd do well to manage a week!

Best thing is, I really DON'T want to smoke ever again and keep kicking myself for not trying to stop sooner. Days go by now where I don't even think about smoking-felt really strange to be at the tobacco counter in the supermarket at the weekend-buying cigs for my husband.

What I really want to say is "Thank-you" to everyone on here-I know I couldn't have got this far without the help and support of this forum. I don't come here too often now-don't really feel the need anymore which I guess is a good thing, but just knowing the support is here is enough.

For those of you just starting out-keep believing you can do this-you can beat your addiction into submission-if I can anyone can!

Thanks again everyone-will be back to celebrate my one year anniversary!

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  • GREAT JOB YOU!!! Wow.... 6 months!!! Congratulation :D

  • 6 Months !!!! Seems so far away .....

    Well done !!!! :D

  • 6 months, 6 months, wow, sounds so good had to put it twice, great post and very encouraging for me only on day 27 x thank you


    and again well done on 6 months.

  • Great Job ......Keep your guard up...................:D

  • Well done :D

    6 months feels just great, doesn't it?

  • Well done from me too:D:D


  • Hi Popsiegirl :D

    6 months that's great well done



    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Well done-6 months is great !!!!:):):)

  • Thanks for the replies guys.

    Dubbs-don't worry-I definitely won't let my guard slip-I know I'm only a puff away from being back on the evil weed and I'm not going to throw this quit away for anything.

    Strangely enough, I've probably had more stress this past 6 months than I have in the past 6 years (won't bore you with the details) but at no time have I ever thought that smoking would make the situation better. That's yet more testament to the wisdom and support I've got from this site I guess!

    Never mind the Nico nurse handing out patches & gum, she'd be better off handing out a card with this website address on it!

  • Well done 6 months is fab work. Good for you girl.xxxxxxxxxx

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