No Smoking Day
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Yay I made it here!

It's the start of Day 4 and I honestly can't believe I'm here. I feel like crap but I really don't feel like smoking at all. I definitely ave some anger management issues at random points but then I'm super happy and motivated again. Very manic, very upsetting but so far, so manageable and I believe normal.

Well done to everyone who gets this far. They do say the first three days are the toughest nut to crack. Whilst I'm not naive to enough to say I've cracked it, I do feel if yu get this far it's easier to convince yourself that it's not worth going through that hell again!

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:) well done on getting to day 4 sorry your having afew anger issues

i was shocked when i had them in the beginning as i never get angry :eek:

but they will pass and things do get easier the longer you stay quit

have you been thinking about what your going to treat yourself to with all the money your saving :)


Well done! Yes, it's tough going and you'll have good days and bad days, but time is a great healer and practice makes perfect!

Before you know it, you'll have done a week, then two, and and and ...

Congrats, give yourself a pat on the back! :D



That's amazing. Day four was pretty awful for me - I spent the day in bed weeping about nothing in particular!

Amazing that you are doing so fantastically and managing to feel quite "normal". Well done!! ::)


Well done!

I found day 1 - 4 horrific then after that much more manageable. Hope your feeling better today



Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for the support - it helps a lot and it has really cheered me up checking back and seeing such positive, encouraging messages.:D

So today is day 5!! I still haven't smoked although husband has caved in last night because we're fighting, a lot. I'm not too bad now with the anger managment issues but little things in our relationship that have been annoying me slightly have now ballooned out of all proportion and half of me doesn't want to be married anymore. Hopefully that will pass as I'm doing brill now.

So yes, yesterday as day 4, one or two minor outbursts (aside from trying to end my marriage) and today, so much better at day 5.

The only thing today is that I'm back on my own with the little one so the niggles are much more noticeable, although trying hard to ignore them. I stopped the NRT mostly, just a couple of bits of chewing gum when I'm climbing the walls. Today nothing so far.

Good luck to everyone else at this stage and thanks again for the great support x


And I agree, days 1-4, for posterity, are the pits, although at the time don;t seem too bad. Did anyone else find that you didn't associate the bad moods with not smoking, even though that's clearly what they are?


I keep laughing at myself at having tantrums and complaining about stuff that isn't true, just because I'm feeling ratty all the time, and I know why!!!! It's day 4 for me and it sucks, but hopefully tomorrow will be better! I just want to think of something else, even for five minutes!


I never associate the ratty moods with stopping smoking. I wonder why that is when it obviously is the case. I sail along most days without any problems and suddenly gloom and doom sets in. Lets hope they go away soon :(



I have a magazine photo from the Sunday Telegraph Supplement dating back to around 1983.

I go to the picture whenever things get on top it tempers or sadness.

The double page picture shows a 10 months old baby curled on the floor in the Sahara Desert. Starving, emaciated and de-hydrated the baby is obviously close to death. 15 meters away, behind the dying baby, is a large Vulture obviously waiting for death to release the baby from it's suffering and provide a hearty meal for the patient bird.

Everytime I look at the photo, my problems pale into their rightful insignificance. Just what thoughts were going through this baby's mind doesn't bear thinking about and I sometimes feel really guilty about the stupidity of my problem(s).

In some ways it's 'shock treatment' in others ways it's simply 'reality'..either way, temper tantrums via nicotine withdrawal are easily placed at their correct level.

Good luck and stay strong.


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