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Any Help is highly appreciated


Hi friends;

i will put down my experience below, hope to find help from you as I'm in very bad condition now.

I was smoking for the last 14 years, 20 cigs a day. but i usually go to gym and sometimes i stop due to work or family commitments pressures. I went back to Gym like 4 months ago, after three months I started to feel some numbness in my arms, i called my cousin who is a GP doctor to ask where to check with neurologist or Cardiologist and he said check neurologist first but if you dont feel tightness in your chest then dont worry may you pressed yourself in the gym or were sleeping on your arms. any way after a while I was out with a friend and had late heavy dinner and went back to sleep, I woke up 30 minute later with left arm numb and tight chest, i went immediately to ER and they did ECG they said everything is fine, the next day i quit cold turkey. after that I did many check ups with cardiologist like ECG, treadmill ECG, Echo and all came good, i started to have signs like headaches, nausea, no appetite for food, cramps and strange feelings with tight chest, heartburn and difficulty breathing with other things .... doctor told me it is nicotine withdrawal symptoms and frankly i'm not coping with them very well, my work is stressful and i took 2 weeks vacation from work and went back but nothing improved, i cannot take vacation for ever you know, its been 21 days, any previous experience will help guys ... I'm very desperate, most likely as i think is that i'm having anxiety attacks according to the search i did .... i prefer somebody who has been through this to tell me how long this situation will last ... your help is highly appreciated

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Have you tried patches, gum or any other form of NRT? I tried to go CT but I found I got panicky. I'm now on patches and an inhalator and the only time I had a problem was when the patch fell off.

No Im not using anything as I used gum once but got terrible rash

I can't use the gum either. I would try the patches. It makes a great difference.

Thank you all for replies, it is really comforting to know there are people somewhere in the world who support and care to know about you. ... I will keep you updated

Hi, Sounds like you are really suffering. I would go back to your GP and see if there is anything he can do for you. Maybe he could prescribe some thing to alleviate the symptoms you are having. Hope you feel better soon.

up date

Hi everybody;

I went to the doctor like 2 days ago and he told me if the symptoms are unbearable try to use to patch, I bought some but after around 2 hours of putting it I started to feel weired and got some headache along with other things, maybe this happened because I quit cold turkey and its been over 3 weeks now so it is worse to go back on patches now, let us just stay like this, what I'm worried about now is the pain in left side chest (heart area) and the tight and difficult breathing (sometimes not always) ... so anybody who experienced this?

You didn't say you had stopped smoking 3 weeks ago. There wasn't any point using a patch when the nicotine had already left your body. I don't understand why a doctor would suggest that. I know medical treatment in Dubai to be of a high standard as I lived there for 8 years.

There are numerous messages in this section about the various symptoms people have encountered. Perhaps reading some of these will ease your mind. Good luck

Hi Samer,

I too have recently had a sharp pain in my chest (heart area). I quit a week ago, Im 25 and smoked between 20-30 for the last 7 years. Even though I have smoked heavily for the last few years I have maintaned a fairly good level of fitness through sport and attending the gym on a regular basis.

The pain i had in my chest was very sharp and did concern me at the time however i havent had it since. It probably happened around 3 days ago. It definately wasnt heart burn either.

If it happens again I will see a doctor about it but I'm confident it will have something to do with not smoking and in some way is something positive.

Best of luck

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