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Any support much appreciated!!


I'm new and have stumbled across this website in sheer desperation whilst sat at my desk, supposedly working!!

I've reached Day 3 and feel TERRIBLE!

Smoked for over half of my life. 36 now and have been feeling the effects - mainly serious lack of energy and breathlessness, palpitations, sore throat and sheer disappointment in myself. Not good with 2 little girls to run around after! Had been waking up in a cold sweat most nights wondering what damage I had caused to myself and decided RIGHT now's the time :o I did this back in April, cold turkey and by myself. Last 8 weeks then caved in. This time has to be different.

Now I have patches and OH is joining me so technically should be far easier this time!!

I don't particularly want a cigarette. In fact, I definitely do not. Why then do I have this black cloud hanging over me today?! I have snapped at the kids, cried on the way to work, have a banging headache, feel really low and simply want to feel better :(

Please, any words of wisdom or encouragement would be very welcome!


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Hey there JQ, I'm sorry you're feeling so rough. Welcome to the site - this place WILL help!

The first few days are horrible, there's no denying it. I can't say anything to make you feel better necessarily, apart from offering you the usual advice - stay hydrated, keep yourself occupied, try to be positive, read read read, go for walks, etc. But most importantly keep powering through, because bit by bit it will improve.

You're right, you have to do this. And as painful as it is, it's absolutely and completely worth it, so hang in there.

All the best,



Thanks so much for your reply Helen. I think this place is helping already. From what I have read, Day 3 seems to be a bit of a stickler for a lot of people.

I felt so good about it on Day 1..

It will be worth it. Just so very difficult right now! x


Hi helen,

hope it's going well. I read allen carrs easy way book and it was a great help, and it's always there to refer to in moments of weakness. (I'm only on day 6 myself).

You are probably a bit down as your brain is telling you think you are missing out on something, but logically you know you are missing out on nothing except ill health, smelly clothes/breath and a smaller bank balance.

Take deep breathes, plenty of water and go buy some mints if it will help.

All the best



Thanks Paul. Day 6. Well done!

I am guzzling loads of water and on Day 1 even went for a run just to get out and get some fresh air into my lungs instead of smoke. Not been again since as my legs have yet to recover :(, but my plan is to start regular exercise and see if that keeps me motivated. I did read Allen Carr a few months ago but went into sheer panic as I neared the end of the book. Maybe I'll refer back to it, see if it helps.

It's just one of those things. I have to do it. There's no other option.

Thanks for your tips. It's a help just being able to vent! I don't want to talk about it too much at home because my hubby is struggling just as much as me. My smoking friends seem to have no intentions of stopping so I am avoiding them for now and the non-smoking friends don't understand.

This forum is the way forward!! :)



Well done for getting to day 3. I must admit that day 3 for me was the worst. I could have killed someone just to try and release the frustration and anger (must point out that no humans were dispatched, hurt or injured during this day ;) just in case anyone worries not even the OH :D).

Day 4 felt much better. I found a good thread earlier (I think it is either in general/tips or help to stop and it was called Junkie Thinking. Have a read of that just to remind you there is nothing to fear.

Me an my OH have quit together. We are now on day 31 being completely smoke free (with Champix help). Things will improve so hang on in there.

Wishing you loads of luck and determination.

Lingy :)


Hi Lingy

I just read Junkie Thinking. I've gradually felt more positive about it all as the day has gone on.

If the OH and I can say we are smoke-free after 31 days, I will be delighted!!

Thanks for saying hi x


Hi JQ,

I agree, nice just being able to talk about it, rather than bottling it all up. I'm having a sort of afternoon high, chest feels a bit tight and I'm a little light headed but in a strange way I kind of like it. Definitely dont feel like smoking although I am thinking about cigarrettes a lot of the time. (normal I guess).

I'm going to have another mint and have a bit of a fresh air break now. :-)




Like you I am on day three, well nearly finished day 3!

It has been pure hell both my OH and mom inlaw smoke and both continue to smoke.

Doing this COLD TURKEY if i can handle it anyone can!! hang in there!


Well Gary? Did you make it?!

Thanks for the post.

I hope you did. I am here on Day 4 now. Feeling much the same today, although dare I say a little better knowing that I can get through the bad days.

Hang in there.




yea I made it BUT man alive today is worse for me then yesterday!

hang in there!


Well done to JQ, Paul and Gary. If anyone tells you that the first week is easy, they are lying! You are all doing really well - just hang on in there and things will improve over time.

This is a good time to be indulgent with yourself - if you want to eat, eat. If you want to go to bed and sulk, then do it. If you want to rant, do it, but do it here where everyone understands and won't rant back at you.

Good luck, and keep the progress reports rolling.


Thanks Mrs T.

Hey Gary, hope your afternoon gets better.




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