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Early on Day 2 but SFSG

Well day 1 went well. Previously i planned to stop for weeks in advance and dreaded the day looming. This time i just decided enough was enough and this is the time i finally stop smoking for good. I am using a new form on NRT that helped me last night and will get me through the weekend. This forum is very good and its nice to know that everything i have ever suffered and felt has been the same for many of you. I do hope it wont be too long before i stop thinking so much about cigarettes but i guess ill have to cut down on the NRT to do that ... Ill get there this time. . Im actually looking forward to posting a successfull post on Day 3 forum tomorrow. (Its early doors so one day at a time for me) Have a good day ...

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Hey Steve,

All I can say is good 4 u :) uv taken that step 2 stop and that takes guts - I am on my 4th day now. This is my 2nd attempt and this is the attempt that will work.

I can't say that it is easy, coz it ain't (sorry), I can be very tough, but the trick is m8 is to never get bored - occupy urself and u will be fine.

Good luck m8, day 2 is brilliant. Well done :)


You are doing great,

Well done.

Keep up the good work.



Well done on day 2 Steve and good luck for Day 3. You know you can do this. As you say one day at a time. :):)


well Done:)

Your doing great,you can and will do it:)


Well done for reaching the end of day 2 and good luck for day 3!


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