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Almost made it to 24 hours

As the thread title says really, I've almost made it to 24 hours and I feel really pleased.

My head is swimming, I feel restless, I keep thinking, right, tab time, then realising I don;t do it anymore.

In a nutshell, I feel like crap but I also feel proud.

Can't wait for the habit to go but a long road left to travel before that. Hubs has quit at the same time and can't talk or think about it. I've just been told off for commenting upon how much we have spent over the years and how much we could save by staying off them. Meh, that's my way of motivating myself. I can;t stand not gassing about it, so I took the plunge and joined this forum! Can't wait to move through the 'eras' and track my progress.

For those that aren't aware, there's a great little tool called Silkquit that you can download to your PC and you give it the basic data and it calculates how much you've saved in money and life, as well as how many tabs you haven't smoked. Not sure of the link as I;ve had it installed for ages but just google it.

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Well done on quitting and welcome to the forum :)

Just remember to keep your mind and hands busy when your having a crave it will pass reading some of the posts on here and clicking on my signature link will help




Well done to you:D

I know it's difficult to begin with but I promise it DOES get easier.

This forum can be a real rock.


Thanks guys. Day 2 today so I will move over there.

For new starters, day 1 isn't *hard* as such, it's just very difficult to keep reminding yourself you don't do it anymore. It's like it has become an instinctive, basic action, like breathing and eating, and you have to consciously say NO.


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