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Week 4 worth waiting for!!

Well here I am in Month 1 cos Capitan rescued me from the corridor outside Week 3 just in time to stop me getting done for loitering with intent

:eek:. On Day 23 and can't begin to say how good it feels ;), especially after last week which was absolutelybloominhellonearth I can tell you. Phew. But I knew from a previous attempt that I would feel good if I could get back here and so I do :). I have other serious issues going on at the mo, but compared to the stop smoking malarky they are a walk in the park, believe me. So BRING IT ON, whatever life throws at me. If I could bottle the happiness I feel today and send it to you all, I would too. So for anyone struggling in the first 3 weeks, tough it out, do the Little Orphan Annie thing and SING .... 'The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet ya bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun ....'

Sheesh I sound corny, but its true guys, its true :D

And the best things in life ARE worth waiting for ....

Zoe xxxx

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Won't say congrats etc again, as I did that in the previous post. Pleased to see you've taken the room upgrade, and see you in month 2 next week.

In the meantime, I'll have a bit of whatever you're on! :)

Day 72 for me, and feeling a bit jittery. :( It's been with me all day, though seems to be wearing off now. But rest assured, it is sooooo much easier to get through it now, and it's nowhere near as bad as the first 3 weeks! :D



so pleased for you

Hi Zoe, I am really pleased for you as I know how you have struggled but by god you are a trooper! You deserve to succeed because you have never stopped trying to quit. Never give up giving up! How true. Well done to you!:D


What great news Zoe! Lovely to hear you sounding so positive. Be very very proud!




Well done Zoe, really pleased for you :D


Aw thanks guys and gals, your posts bring a tear to my eye but a happy one :D. The hell of week 3 was so worth getting through to feel like I am now. Lovin it, lovin it woot woot :D

Oh and Claire, aren't you about nine months quit now?? Well done, I take my hat of to you Mrs cos that is SUCCESS :D:cool:

Zoe xx


Yes Zoe, 9 months tomorrow for me. Just starting to tackle the weight issue now, I have been eating anything that doesn't move, and anything that does cannot be considered safe :D


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