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Four months!

Today is the anniversary of my quit back on March 14. I've been off the evil weed for three full calendar months, so today I start my fourth month.

It hasn't been as hard as I thought it might be, and it hasn't been as easy as I'd like it to be.

The first three weeks truly were the hardest part, as one might expect. I got through them on grit and determination, just toughing it out at times, taking it one day or one hour at a time.

Since then, it's been "relatively" drama-free, with only a few big challenges (like spending four days in a smoky casino!) along the way.

Nowadays, I get a different kind of "craving" than in the beginning. It's not the same at all. It's more of a sort of nostalgic longing for a cigarette to go with something else - an evening on my own, or a beautiful sunset, or a glass of wine.

The feeling doesn't persist, and it doesn't take too much to acknowledge it and let it pass, and for that I'm grateful.

I hardly consider my quit a "done deal" and I know that I could easily blow it in one day with just one cigarette, so I remain vigilant and don't allow myself to engage in any stinking thinking about how I could handle just one or two and throw away the pack. I can't.

One cigarette would lead to one pack which would lead to reverting back to my old ways immediately, and it would be YEARS before I had the guts to try quitting again.

So I'm proud to be here, I'm delighted to have come this far, I'm grateful it isn't that hard nowadays, and I'm on guard 7/24 to make sure I don't blow it. Thank you for all the kind words along the way; this board has made it so much easier to go through this experience.

Carry on! The Penthouse awaits! :)

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Awesome! Great job getting to four months!


Well done DGee. I can't wait to get into month 4 as I haven't managed to get that far. Feeling like I will and thats what counts.

Really pleased for you.

Gaynor x


Thanks, Vike!

I'm not sure who's left amongst those of us who quit on March 14th. Many have fallen :( but most seem to have started again :)

Sure wish I knew how hard it would be to quit back when I started smoking as a kid!


Well done!Getting to month 4 is brilliant! I can relate to everything you have said. This experience is like a rollercoaster ride full of highs and lows. I agree about the craves not really feeling like craves but a wish for something you feel is missing and you are right it doesnt last long. You passed a tough test when you had your trip to the casino and you did not cave in. I knew then that you were going to be a successful quitter. You are right you shouldnt take anything for granted and you are not out of the woods yet but you have done bloody well. Be proud of yourself you should be!:)


Big congratulations - sending you a virtual hug :)

Whoop whoop oxoxo


You're like a big bright shiney olympic torch DGee....and i'm running right behind you. Its people like you who showed people like me that we can do this. Thank you.

Exits to strains of....last night a DGee saved my life :)


4 months for me 2

Hi big hugs to you and I understand every word that you are saying , I quit on Feb13th so I am 4 months now amazing really to think I smoked for 50 years. I am still terrified that I will start again so hopefully that feeling will diminish before long, I think it's because I've been smoking for so many years. Carry on with being determined and you will get there in the end xxx



thats a great positive post and i think everyone who reads it wilbe nodding along in agreement as we get to a certain smoke free time we still crave but its def not the same as the actual reality of craving for a real ciggy its just our smoking mind giving us a different version and even valid reasons why we should just have one as surely one wont hurt :eek:

as long as we remember the reasons why we quit and what we went through to reach that goal of quitting and reading the posts of the new brave people starting out on there own journey of quitting and what they are feeling is a good reminder to ignore that smoking mind and carry on the path we have chosen by free will

we choose not to smoke and not to be dependant on a white poisonous expensive stick that controls our mind and body

we have the control back

onwards and upwards is the way to go :)


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