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No Smoking Day
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month four

HI All

Start of month four today

14/03/07 to 14/06/07 My God 40 a day to not one puff for 94 days I am so pleased with myself. I do still think about smoking But not as much no patches now for 11 days and started to think I may just do this hehe. No one in my family can believe I have got this far hope this will show them it can be done. Ten children in my family and two brothers and four sisters smoke maybe they may have a go at quiting now. Thank you all for your support I have had some moments and you have always been here. So for that THANK YOU. Love to you all Linda xxxx

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Well Done Linda XXXX

You have done so well! your family really should start to question their habits! like you always say 'if I can do it, so can you!'

Thanks for being such an inspiration to both your loved ones and all of us here

~Buffy x x


Hi Linda - Wow, what more can I say? This whole gig is worth the hastle for how proud you feel of yourself - I know I do. Like with your family I'm the first to quit at work (it's a small office and more smoke than don't) so I'm now also an inspiration to all of them who are now thinking of quitting - there's just no going back!!!!

I've not been on for a few days and phew there's sooo many new folks I can't keep up!!

Anyhows you are just brill, and never forget it:)



Morning Both

Really pleased i never give in a few weeks ago when i was really low. Think i maybe over the worse of this quit now just need to get my brain to forget hehe

Loopy Must be some good book you been reading to keep you from us hehe.

Hope your both in good spirits Love Linda xx


morning Linda

i am so chuffed for you 4 months fantastic.

coming up to 8 weeks for me so im pleased, so you and your family most be over the moon, once again well done.

Roy. x


Hi Linda - it was a Dean Koontz thriller type thing but I'm late getting my books back to the library now and I'll have to pay late fees!!! I think it's about 30p:D Missed you all the last couple of weeks - we seem to be logged on at different times - hope to chat with you all again soon - perhaps we'll have to arrange a date when we'll all be in and have a post fest!!! Hmm there's something not quite right there...arranging a night in!!!

Loopy XX


Hi Roy you still online? can't belive how far we've all come - stick to it - I think we are similar in our quit time?! Time to sleep - let's hope it's good - I'm still having really strange dreams....



Hehe yes i am up for planning a night in with you guys and a bottle of shiraz rose :D


It's too bad I live on another continent xuz it sure would be nice to meet all of you and hang out! I could see the party now!!



Congratulations and well done, I'm on 4/5 months too from 50/60 a day. I feel great, no wheezing, no coughing......Free at last, free at last!!!!!


.......no patches now for 11 days and started to think I may just do this hehe.

If you've got this far then you can do it but don't be tempted by the odd cig in times of acute stress etc.

Just say to yourself "1 cig will ruin all my achievements so far, so no way will I light one"

All the best,



Heya walt x x

What you going to do with all that money :eek:

I can't believe how the money spent on those packs of fags soon build up!

Keep it up x ~Buffy x


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