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uhmm.. alcohol


soooooooooooooooo im back on day one XD

I got a bit drunk last night and had a fag

Just the one!

I got into the mind phrame of 'i'm 19.. everyone my age smokes whilst drunk.. what difference will it make'

And to be honest now i'm sober i dont really think any differently haha i wont smoke again whilst sober ever but when that craving hits when im drunk it drives me INSANE and almost ruins the night cause its all im thinking about :/

I dont know what i can do about that but for no.. back to day one xx

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sorry to hear your back to day one strawberry :(

perhaps joining the new group thats just started might help you to keep positive and focused with your quit i would also try not to drink for the first couple of weeks as that nasty nic demon will be able to come up with even more reasons for you to smoke again :eek: he has a habit of doing that and when you have been drinking your resolve is even weaker

onwards and upwards is the way to go :)

So you can get drunk and do what other 19 year olds do - smoke. Or you can get drunk and - dare to be different and not smoke...your choice as to whether you follow the crowd or be your own person.

If you want to succeed in giving up smoking you need to change your mind-set otherwise you will continually have 'blips' when drinking.

I think it is great that you are trying to kick the habit whilst you're still young! Do it NOW - it will never get easier by putting it off.

Good luck - and remember - it is you who is important, not what the rest of the crowd is doing!


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