Day 6 - Do not mix with Alcohol!

Today wasn't so hard...

Had a glass of wine at the end of my shift tonight (boss's treat - was a busy night and I've been a bit upset with my grandfather's death) and I didn't even want cig. Until I got home and saw my OH's fags on the table. :rolleyes:

Was pretty close to caving but then thought about how bad I'd feel having a smoke JUST because I'd had a drink and then it passed.

I am proud of myself. I know it's only day 6 but this is the second longest I've gone without a cig in 10 years. Plus I had a real test of strength very early on and it would have been so easy to give in.

I hope I can keep going with this. I can feel my resolve quavering more often but at the same time, it's stronger.

Bring on the end of day 7!

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  • Well done Tyler :)

  • Well done Tyler a good achievement not caving in. Keep it up. Jacqui

  • Hi Tyler

    wow ... 3 major tests ...and you passed

    brilliant !

    so easy to give in .. and just bloody smoke ha'


  • Good going Tyler, you should be really proud of yourself!

  • Well done Tyler, congratualtions on keeping strong when you could have easily cracked. I personally enjoyed a couple of beers in the evening before l quit and find it also helps now to have a (sensible) drink. I suppose it's my way of disassociating drinking with smoking, and l'm not giving up nicotine and alcohol in the same week :eek: :p


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