1 MONTH :) Advice...re: Alcohol

Hey guys,

1 Month! Had my last cig 10pm 1 March.

I feel great :)

Anyway, I have posted on here a few times as I was finding it hard when drinking but I kind of found a solution albeit a bit cheesy.

I kept saying I wanted to make new memories/associations as a non smoker, so instead of avoiding the thing (alcohol) that made me want to smoke I carried on as normal!

I can now happily drink minus the cigs, I think it really is about making those new memories to prove to yourself that you can enjoy life without cancer sticks lol.

Good luck everyone!

I am also happy as, contrary to what you are told I have lost 4lbs since stopping, as I've been on a health kick!

xoxo Coralie

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  • Great post! I always say whatever the trigger practice makes perfect.

    We just need to repeat the activity/situation a few times to make it normal not to smoke at that time.

    Its great to be counting in months,

    well done


  • I was determined to carry on smoking.

    Sorry but I need a couple of sins in my life!

    After a hard week at work I like nothing better than to crack open a bottle of wine on a Friday and kick back so there was no way I was giving it up.

    Well done coralie on your first month.



  • Well done on month 1 coralie. I completely agree with you on the making new associations. So much nicer to think that as we get rid of old ones, we can form new ones.

  • Hi Coralie :D

    What a great post

    Well done you on 1 month completed that's great


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks guys!

    Feeling really positive, and well done to everyone else too!

    xoxo :D:D

  • Well done on reaching a month!!:D

    I was a bit worried about having a drink but I must admit its so much easier now with the smoking ban. I relapsed on my last quit cos I couldnt handle having a drink without a cig so this time I just went for it got it dealt with early on and now a couple of weekends down the line its no big deal. Phew!:cool:

    Go on the MMQ crew:D!!

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