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Pregnant Belly Syndrome??

Ok so for the last few days I have noticed that I look bloated (even funnier looking considering I have the figure of a pencil) and it seems to be getting bigger every day! Im worried that its gonna get so big it may tip me over :eek: lol, but seriously anyone had this and did anything work to reduce the 7 months pregnant look? I have got prebiotics in the cupboard and some digestive enzymes, I don't know if its worth giving those a bash? Any ideas appreciated.

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Me too, i have it, im also very slim but look like im 5 months gone :D

Just hoping it will go down in time, on day 22, its the bl**dy throat thing with me, been killing me since i stopped, find it so hard to swollow


Fortunately, I do not look pregnant, if anything, I have found that the confidence that I have gained from not smoking has improved my posture. I am standing straighter than I used to and the beer belly I had seems smaller.:D

I had the sore throat last week, it went away but now I have an annoying, unproductive cough which sometimes leaves my throat feeling raw:mad:. I'm guessing, and hoping, this is just part of the process.


Same here....I'm completely bloated. Quite slim built but my tummy is really swollen and I weight serveral pounds more than usual, although I can't have gained weight because I haven't been over eating!



I have been on the pro-biotics for a few days and doing funky yoga poses in the morning and at night and it has really helped, I no longer look as preganant :D Its just everything slowing down before getting back to normal I suppose but not a great look ;) LOL Keith yeah the pregnant look on a dude would defo be worse than on a girl :D Hope you are all doing well with your quits and thank you for the replies.



I'm bloated in the evening, but usually look ok by morning.

I thought maybe I'm not drinking enough water. Or, perhaps a side affect of the Chantix. Or, I over ate the first few weeks. LOL

Have not changed any clothing sizes, but sure look a babe is about to be delivered any time now and at 57 NOT! LOL



Lol Cathy!! Yes Im definately worse in the evening, it definately has gotten better though. Im most definately not drinking enough water so shall have to up that too, never thought of that!


In Labor!

Oh gosh, I think I'm in labor tonight! God Lord, I'm a lookin like twins are coming. I've forgotten how this alls to work!

So, some kidding aside - I AM bloated bad tonight. We went for supper and I felt like I was puffing up like a ballon as I ate, this is crazy. Then on the way home I was just miserable....

I'm thinking I have a bad case of constipation going here. (sorry for exposing a personal issue here, but dang, I am miserable) I do believe a trip to the grocery and pharmacy will be on the list tomorrow. I really do look and feel like I've put on 10 pounds in one night ..... Urrggghhhhhh

Off to try and sleep, that's another issue going on! Happy Friday everyone.


P.s. I'll be sure to let you know when I deliver! LOL


Lol Cathy, maybe get something to help your "labour" along :D Hope you feel better!!


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