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Ill just have one more syndrome


Ive been wanting to quit smoking for ages and one important thing to remember is that you need a quit day!....if you keep smoking "ill jsut have one more" syndrome, the chances are you wont stop....break this habit and you'll be on you're way!!...This is not easy to do!

There are lots of places to help, and this is a great place for people to look for help...i also snagged a quit kit from the nhs, not that it also found another website recently that has some great information on it and it's about someone who is actually going through quitting now, so you totally relate to what he's writing about....check it out, <link removed> worth a look.

ps, dont stop quitting!!

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You're absolutely right about choosing a day to quit. Personally I think it's the hardest thing to motivate yourself to make that decision to stop. It's a whole lifestyle change so it has to be right.

Saying that some folks just stop! :D

Good luck anyways .. every day thinking about it takes you closer to actually doing it.


just dont play russian roulette, easy peazy lemon squeeazy @ marco


Hi there I was one of the lucky ones I had bronchitis so I was too ill to smoke for two weeks. I went on a programme in with the local chemist and he started me off on the middle strength patches as I hadn't smoked for two weeks. I also had the inhalator and bought some nic gum myself so came home armed with the lot. It hasn't been easy and anyone that tells you it is are lying, but here I am on Dy 52 and if I can do it anyone can smoked 20 a Day for 50 yes 50 years x

&quot;the lucky one&quot;

41/42 years of nicotine abuse:-

Much the same as yourself Lills I ended up in a hospital ward in the cardiology department in one of the major hospitals here in Glasgow. A major health scare is a definite wake up call, especially when one of the people who is sent to help you is the smoking cessation advisor. I reckon that they're trying to tell you something.

I was discharged from hospital after a day and a half with a weeks supply of patchs and how to contact the local smoking cessation clinic.

I found the course extremely helpful and up to the time of writing I'm 74 days nicotine free. I'm currently on the 10mg patch and feeling well.

The major health scare turned out to be angina and guess what; one of the major therapies in it's treatment is to stop smoking.

Look after yourself

Michael (a.k.a:-lefoy123) Glasgow

"I'll just have one more syndrome."

I definitely need to learn to read.

I thought you were going to have just one more syndrome... Like, how many more syndrome's do you need? Isn't one syndrome enough? Are you some kind of masochist? :rolleyes: :D

Oh, just one more cig.... Yeah, that's what the junkie said...

Don't do it!!! One more is one more is one more is.... You get the idea.


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