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Day 4 and the pointless killer

Hey folks,

So im back at this point again where it looks like another serious attempt (usually when i finish day 3 i do TRY and stay quit). I was on holiday in norfolk at a lovely (poxy) caravan site and i kept going outside and been blasted by rain and wind for a ciggy and thought what is the point! nothing enjoyable about this, and luckily i packed my quick mist spray so i just didnt bother. Im home now and keeping it up.

I get my jaw op date tomorrow eg my cold turkey date too :D this why ull see my back and forth here. because i hate the cigs, but im never fully prepered to say good bye because i know i have a lovely stint in bed happily withdrawing privetly anyways, but i do hate the things nowadays so i quick mist it up for abit.

im going to try anyways, as i think it willl make the cold turkey easier if im ok psychologically.

i keep sitting here thinking mmmmm fag, then remembering the caravan and really if they were that good, they would be good in the rain. but they arent so really they are not good in the house either :rolleyes:

good luck everyone with your quits :D xxxx

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Goodluck with your operation :)

It's good to have a mental image to put you off smoking so keep remembering that rain making the fag all wet and yucky!



Thank you foir your kind words althoug had bas news today. my jaw op is now going to be in january!! which has reallybodged my quit plans as july was going to be the month and the easy way. i dont want to wait that long to quit so ive decided to give this NRT a really good and final go. I really cant handle the thought of cold turkey at the mo, have to much going on that i need to be on point for, but im sure after 3 months of NRT (like your sposed to) your pretty weaned down anyways which makes it easier.

god sake. so wish i never started :( xxx


Hey Nikki,

Sorry your op has been put back so long, but why don't you try and quit smoking now anyway? You don't have to go cold turkey, use whatever helps you best. The advantages will be that you will be quit long enough not to have to go through cravings when you are stuck in hospital, not fun as I know from when I broke my ankle :( and also you will recover from the op more quickly as a non-smoker. Just a couple of thoughts.

Wishing you all the best :)

Zoe xx


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