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Made it !

Hi to all fellow quitters - especially those in the class of June 2011 !

I remember the day like it was yesterday - it was June 6th 2011 - I was driving home from work (it was sunny - unlike this years monstrous weather).

I remember being very pensive - I had just come to the end of the Alan Carr audio book and it was make or break time for me.

It was time to smoke my last cigarette !

I rolled it as I was driving along (I know - I know) and smoked the bloody thing - I hadn't even finished it and I was already thinking that I missed it.

Anyway I got home and chucked all tobacco, lighters, etc in the bin - the first three months were hard (not a nightmare - just a long hard slog) I had to stay focussed and keep the nicotine monster under the thumb. I shall always remember the sudden pangs I would get, seemingly out of nowhere, just like hunger pangs.

After about three months things got a bit easier, the pangs were a thing of the past, but the nicotine monster would every now and again rear it's ugly head and sort of suggest 'hey have a fag - it won't matter now, you've proved you can do it'. These thoughts still happen but not often - and I smile to myself when they do.

I can now quite happily go to places where I'll find smokers (partys, BBQ's, etc) and happily chat away to them and have no desire to 'bum a fag' (what an expression:-))

So here I am - a year on - a non-smoker, my horrible smokers cough has gone, I can taste food better, my wife tells me that I smell better and I started running after the three month period expired.

I've done a couple of 5K events and have entered my 1st 10K event (coming up in July). The running has been hard - but I've loved the fact that I can now run further than I did in my 20's and 30's.

So here's the thing - any new quitters reading this - if I can do it, so can you - I believed that I would never stop, I believed that I loved the act of smoking to much, I believed that smoking was part of me, part of my personality, I believed that I was to weak and that life was to stressful.

Pick your 'give up day' well - and expect to be nervous - I was.

Choose whatever method suits YOU - Cold Turkey, patches, Self Help stuff, Acupuncture, whatever - It's got to suit you !

Expect the first few days to be easier than expected....but for the weeks that follow to be a bit of a grind. But be stoical - stick with it.

And keep a watch for the nastly little thoughts that sneak into your mind - that tell you that 'one won't hurt' - it does.

Good Luck

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It must be a grrreat feeling getting to the Penthouse!

And thanks for the words of advice. Although I'm not a newbie - they really have given me fresh inspiration after a weekend of craving! It's not easy but so so worth it!

I love the way that everyone who has given up remembers that first day so well...the first day to freedom from the addiction - fantastic!



Well done Donnelloni on getting to the penthouse.

Also thanks for the post it just shows we can all make this journey and come out the other side much better for it.


That was such a great read Donneloni. anyone reading that will gain strength from it and probably succeed in quitting.

Mash x


A great post and a great achievement. Congratulations! Bet you feel great :D

Hels x



First off CONGRATULATIONS! Great article and glad I found it!

About two months in and this "slogging" is getting to feel impossible. Oh yes, first few days seemed like a cake walk, the withdrawal the easier part, but that dang demon that pops out from time to time is another story!

I hanging, but by a thread. I don't no exactly what it is I'm missing? Don't miss the smell, the cough, the cost, any of that ..... Urggghh sorry to rain on your big parade with a rant, tiredness and frustration from last three days of riding a demon wave catching up!

Congrats again!




Gives me hope reading this post, iv done it before, quit for a few months and then thought just the one and before you know it your back to 20 a day.

Going to follow your advice though this time, keep up the good work, your an inspiration to others



thats a great positive post

the penthouse is certainly rocking at the moment :D


Wow well done you !!!

You are spot on with the summary of a quit, well mine anyway :)

Like you say the first few days are a breeze but after that it's really tough going for a few months. I've nearly completed 3 calendar months and i'm starting to find it's getting slightly easier with every passing week now.

Anyway thanks for popping back and taking time to post. Enjoy the Penthouse reward :)


Absolutely fantastically well done you!


And an excellent post which is an inspiration for others.

BW, Shazza


Fantastic post, very positive reading.


Well done Don

Excellent quittage there and damn fine post.


Many thanks for all your kind words....mucho appreciated. View's nice from here :cool:


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