No Smoking Day
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Hi I'm back - its been a couple of years since i was last here!

Hi. I am partly ashamed and partly proud to be back here on day 1. I first joined this forum in Jan 2009. With the support of everyone here, I quit going cold turkey. I was surprised that i could actually survive without a ciggie even though my husband still smoked. I didn't smoke for 2 and half years but then my in laws came to stay. They both smoke as does my husband so i thought i may as well have one as i was breathing in their smoke. Of course that was that - MIL left me half a dozen ciggies so i smoked them. That was just over a year ago and i have been smoking since.

Today i decided it was time i started over and quit again.

I know i'll need your help. It worked last time! I don't know if any of the Monkey Bar Steward team still come on here but I was a member of that group who quit in jan 2009.

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hey welcome back i think i remember the post about the in laws coming for a visit

glad you are back



Its good to be back! I'm not sure i like it back at the bottom of the mountain again though. I know how steep it can get it places. But i WILL keep climbing til i reach that penthouse hot tub at the top!

Today hasn't been too bad. I have kept myself very busy but am exhausted now!


at least you know the early bit and know it will get easier as time goes by

you have done one hard bit making the decision to quit again

keep posting and get some rest exhaustion is very normal in the beginning

and the hot tub will be waiting and bubbling ready for you



welcome back jerrylee... and congratulations for getting back on the wagon. We'll all hold on for dear life and make sure you don't fall off again. :)

Keep on keeping on.

H x


Welcome back jerrylee, hope day 2 goes smoothly for you!


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