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Month 4: First Post

First post for month 4 :)

Well 3 calendar months now done n dusted, i think i can officially post in this forum.

I quit at 10pm on the 11th of July using patches, 3 whole months later.. not a single toke of a cig, haven't even held a cigarette. Since quitting, i have removed every element and memory that i was a smoker out of my life, right down to getting rid of a car that i smoked 'heavily' in to and from work. I don't have a lighter nor ashtray in my house either :)

Hi month 4 & 5 forum :)

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Hey proud you must be feeling and rightly so....congratulations:D....its great getting in a car with no stale smoke smells heh;)


well thanks anyway.


Well done Jase- You are a non smoker now and you've cracked it. I think your determination is amazing and i can't ever see you going back.:)


Jase, you're cool, just enjoy the 4 month forum and nicotine free ness you deserve it:D x


Congratulations, Jase! Welcome to month 4. Well done! :)


Doesn't time fly when your having fun, well done mate



Well done Jase!

Fantastic! :)

Fay x


Well done Jase month 4 is a fantastic achievement. Cant wait till I can say the same thing but by then you will nearly be in the penthouse!.

Keep up the good work Jase.



Congratulations to you on your 3 completed months, brilliant. I think the longer you have stopped the quicker the weeks seem to go.

Wishing you many more smoke-free months.



If its any encouragement to folk in the midst of the first 3 months, i'm sure many of you will have already felt some great positives from being quit from smoking, but at 3 months things are seeming more normalised now. I actually have no recollection of any cravings at all inside the last 2.5 weeks. So you get all the positives that you get to enjoy from being quit.. and then you get to not have.. or not have anywhere near as many of the negatives.

a good place to be.. but sure glad to be in the next quarter of the quit.

Thanks for the best wishes all :):D;):rolleyes: (i still think we should be allowed more than 4 smilies on here)


Excellent stuff Jase. And I do agree with Jackie that the longer ones quit goes on the faster the milestones seem to tumble. God ain't it!



And hello to you on month 4!! super dooper J, well done and keep up the good work and support you give to everyone ;)



I have been out all morning and just popped on before getting on with my work and my best wishes seem to have disappeared, not happy:(

There was obviously something wrong, if anybody would like to fill me in?

However I will try again

Well done Jase.:D

Hope this post stays


Joan, you wouldn't believe it but the rooms in here have got air conditioning.. i tell you, you can breath fresher air here.

Not sure if they party though, haven't found one cork or nothing yet.. and all i can find in the cupboard seems to ovaltine or cocoa... we'll have to change this i see! :)


Well, excuuuuuuuuuse meeee, Jase!...........are you trying to suggest that we don't like getting a wee bit blootered in this room? There aren't many of us, but we do tidy up after ourselves before collapsing in our refined heaps. :cool: So, welcome to the (sofistica..) (suphistac), classy month 4/5 room. :D Good to have you here. The good thing about this room is that you can have as many light refreshments as you wish, but you won't be gagging for a fag. ;) Looking forward to seeing you soon too Joan.


wayheyyyy sounds like the partys aint bad after all joan, they just tidy up before going to bed. Now all we need to to do is find the corkscrew and the secret stash of booze and we are sorted :)


big congratulations buddy.

hows it all going?

been taking a break from all things smoking discussion related.

as you can tell.

and feeling all the better for it.

anyway. congratulations. thats whats needed!

gotta show you this as a present for doing so well. its a bit funny. - a little reminder to treat the woman in your life well and take the post quitting fitness regieme just under wraps enough to remain in reality :D

bless. :eek:


Thanks for that.. i presume this chap never found his lauren then?

You've been to the hippy festivals again bman haven't you? go on admit it.. what they had you sampling? all herbal and safe i hope? :)

Hows u bman.. i trust your safe n well, and not writing messages on the Great Orme in Llandudno with white rocks in the hope that the woman of your dreams is in a passing cable car?


the woman of your dreams is in a passing cable car?

they put women past in cable cars for you to choose from...?

im on my way!

yeah all good. no hippy festivals unfortunately.

hows all this / your end? all good and pure and balanced and stuff im hoping ...


yes all good :)

been a bit of a trial 4 weeks, but through the other side of it still smiling :)


Nice to see that smile this morning Jase, any chance it could turn into a grin by the end of the day:D?


Well done Jase. Sorry for being a bit late.

I will be joining you and Joan and all the others shortly (23 July) so will make sure my case is full of the hard stuff.

Might try and fit a booze run in before I arrive! Any requests? Have more space in the boot now that I don't need to buy cigarettes. :D

See you soon and again, congratulations Jase


A few cases of red wine would be a good start I think :)


14 weeks now done. (98 days)


(98 days)

100 is a good place to be....just a couple of days to go :D


14 weeks now done. (98 days)

Well done, Jase :)


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