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JAN Quitters we are in Month 4!


Aitch Jan 30

Bec81 Jan 30

Si22 Jan 30

gina1506 Jan 30

jonnynosmoke Jan 30

Capitan Jan 26

Rochelle Jan 26

Grumpy1 Jan-24

Jubilee. Jan-19

nonico Jan-19

pammiewammie Jan-18

Mojo76 Jan-14

1 Bluetree Jan-11

foreverfree Jan-11

niconomore Jan-11

paulo assis Jan-11

russellington Jan-09

Andrew G Jan7

Moonlightblonde Jan-05

bex_boo Jan-05

Dapower Jan-01

Jae0404 Jan-01

mumi76 Jan-01

ppat324 Jan-01

Thisistheday71 Jan-01

Tracy71 Jan-01

Ace_Wisdom Jan-01

For all those that are still going - Fantastic!

Sign in and let us know


Above is the latest I think , listing of us all! Add your name if I missed you!

Today is DAY 90 for me..meaning tomorrow I am officially in Month 4!

Keep going gang! Keep breathing clean air! Keep feeling GREAT! :D

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Yee Haw!

Yay to all !!!

It is truly wonderful to be free!

I went to the beach a few weeks ago and my husband and I enjoyed not having to pick up our nasty buds from the sand and then last weekend when we took the kids to the drive in theatre,(I thought it would be hard for me, it used to be one of my fav times to smoke) but it was not hard at all, it was so great to enjoy sitting outside without being that pesky smoking couple.

Congrats everyone!!! :D Great Job

Jan quitters

Hi all jan quitters

I completed 10 weeks at 8am this morning. Still got 3 weeks before I get to month 4 but I will be there. Feeling real good about this quit. Definately no going back.

I fancy going to the drive in. Unfortunately England forgot to invent them.

Well done all the Jan folk and everyone else of course


ForeverFree checking in to 4 months... Hooray !!! Still going strong and feeling amazing.. No craves at all, nothing but fresh air going into this lungs :D

How is everyone else going???

FF xxx

Hello everyone!!!!

Just looking at the date on the pc to see what day we are on for the quit, so.... i know 31st march was day 90, so add 10 days of April and we are on day 100..........OMG.........how good is that.

New years day quit for myself and the hubby as those of you who know me know!!!

I have not had one puff since then and I am so chuffed with myself. Hubby on day 98 got a tad stressed and succumbed to two drags of one then threw away in disgust!!!

I am now looking into pilates classes to help tone the weight that I have put on. I am not too concerned as I needed to put it on but where I never had a tyre I now have one!!! LOL........... that's a bit weird!!!

So to all in their journey, well done and carry on!!



I also quit on Jan 1 of this year. I am on month 4. I wish I could say that I am feeling fantastic but, alas, I can not.

I just got out of the hospital this morning. Dr. says that when you quit smoking your Scilla (sp) come back to life and you cough up the junk. I never did that on this quit and it finally came to a head last week and I ended up in the hospital for a week. Nothing slaps you in the face and makes you face your mortality faster than getting so sick you are bedridden for 10 days and counting. I am still very weak and not able to take care of myself but am just taking it as easy as I can..

Just a tip my Dr told me about. Pineapple juice helps revive the Scilla fibers. I am now having at least 2 glasses per day. Anything that helps.....

Congratulations to everyone else and keep on keeping on with the quit!!!! ppat

Going fine ,i have managed to realise the differance between" craving"and the memories of smoking,like getting used to not smoking in certan situations, when in the past i woulde always smoke.New season "now spring"i am doing things that i didn`t do in winter,and now iknow that i some times remember a ciggy but NO craving::):) so no more PROBLEM;);)

Good thinking. I like it:D

All Jan Quitters!

We all are doing great! 4 months..keep going keep going...

No stress no problems nothing will make us go back to the smokes!

We are better than that! Smarter! Stronger & Wiser! If you even

think you need a smoke, get right back here and read what it takes

to stay in the game of LIFE! Live for me..live for her/him...

live for that child..Grand Child! 1 Love! :D

Well done January quitters keep up the good work really proud of you all:D:D..xxx

A big WELL DONE!!! to all you 4-monthers.


4 months!!! Way to go everyone, wow January feels like such a long time ago now!! Hope everyone is enjoying their new smoke free life!!! xx

Hello all!!!

I quit on the 14th of Jan this year and I am doing great, I don't post that often so I thought I keep you all informed LOL...

Keep strong!!


Well done to all of you!

Ppat - sorry to hear you've been so unwell. Hope you're on the mend soon x

Hi all i also am in month 4 i quit on 14 January 12. So chuffed with myself, seems to be a few of us still going strong. Well done everyone. :)

Well done everyone.

Still enjoying the non-smoking life without any problems. I particularly enjoy playing and cuddling with my daughters without feeling I'm breathing poison gas all over them and setting them a bad example.

Oddly, I have had dreams in which I have thoughtlessly lit up and then regretted it. Been very relieved to wake up and find that it was all a dream (they're very vivid dreams). Last month this was happening at least once a week and I'm sure Mrs D was going to have me bussed away if she woke up and found me sniffing all my clothes one more time!!!

Congrats everybody. Today is day 119 of the future....


Good to see another Jan quitter going strong Dapower.

I had a smoking dream last night. Cant remember anything about it really but it did mean I got up wanting a fag. No chance not gone all this time to waste it over a stupid dream. The craves nowadays are get fairly feeble, Think I've beaten them into submission.

Anyway I'm moving to a new room tomorrow so I must be on my best behaviour.

Month 4 almost there

Still quit!

Hi all, am on month four too, hardly think about the weed and ran my first 5k race yesterday after some weeks of training. I appear to be a bit of a natural runner, gosh, giving up is so life changing, I never would have considered running. :) well done and good luck to all. S

It is just super to hear how everyone is doing. I have day dreams of smoking a fag...but I just keep on keeping on.

Before I quit my oxygen level was at 94%. Since I quit it is up to 96-97%, that is a great accomplishment and I will never go back....ppat

Ahhh Day # 133! Jan Quitters ROLL CALL PLS!

Hey gang! Good to be where I am right now! Day #133...I am blessed!

I hope all is doing well too! Jan Quitters ROLL CALL! :D

Hi Bluetree. Day 114 and getting easier all the time...oh and heavier but that's work in progress.


nonico7 Years Smoke Free

Still a non-smoker!

Hi All

I'm still a non-smoker. I've surprised myself with how well the whole thing has gone. I really don't miss it. However, I don't know about others but while I don't want to smoke there is a strange feeling as though there's something lacking. Has anyone else experienced this? It's not cigarettes I'm missing; I'm just wondering if it's a chemical thing.

Nonico - stopped Jan 19 2012

Yes I used to get this strange empty feeling as you say as if something is missing. Then one day I was suddenly aware that the feeling had gone. I just put it down to one of the peculiarities of stopping smoking. It will go.

Heyyyy!!! I see some folks have updated!

Oh goodie! Nice to see we are still hanging in here..! Have not gotten to

the 6 month mark yet...that would be 180 days. Today being 134...

means I got 46 days to make it 6 months!!!!! I will get there!!! :D

Hello January Quitters.

Hi everyone,

I don't come on here much, but just to say I'm still here and looking forward to getting to month six. Still get the odd craving especially at the minute when the sun's shining and it's barbecue weather, but no way I've come too far and I am so enjoying the freedom. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the lovely weather. A big well done to all the January Quitters.

Best wishes


Pammie forget month 6. See you in the Penthouse. Well done you

I had to get the calulater out to figure this out. I am on day 147. This up coming Friday, June 1, will be my 6 month anniversary smoke free!!!

I am celebrating it by going to San Antonio, Tx. to spend a long weekend with my kids and grandkids!!! ppat

Hi all, i am still here also i am on day 136 and going strong. ;)

Hi all,

I'm still there too!

Still have moments when I want to smoke but there not as ofter as I used to.

Still need to shift a few pounds but making new friends at the leisure centre.

Still going strong!!! On the 14th of June 2012 it will be 5 months for me!!!

Very well done all of you, you've done so well. You are such an inspiration to us all following behind;)

150 days!

I gotta tell ya... I do not think about anymore...I do not think about smoking!

I see folks do it...or whatever...and it does not bother me a bit!

When I reach the 180 day mark, its RED LOBSTER for me!

A treat for myself! Um for those who don't know,

this is a seafood resturant chain...so Yummy!

So Jan people...lets keep going!!!! :D

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