6 months today...hmm

It should be a great celebration, but unfortunately OH broke her ankle on Sat night so all energy has been on looking after her/hospital duty/taxi for parents. Ankle looks bloomin bad - waiting for swelling to go down before surgery/plaster (over zealous bouncer knocked her over chasing some ne'er do well in Digbeth - luckily much vodka had been consumed so 'natural' painkiller already in system).

On the plus side some zywiec in fridge, Game of Thrones S02E01 downloaded so I can watch it in peace :D

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  • Digbeth? Cor that brings back some memories.

    Anyway well done on 6 months

  • well done, i wish I was at 6 months! x (but I will be one day)

  • Many a day I've spent at Digbeth coach station,....but never a club there LOL! Congrats on your 6 months Dave...massive achievement. I hope to follow in your footsteps real soon. Hope your OH's ankle heals well...my OH's mum just broke her upper arm and was in agony. Hope she's not in too much pain and the pain is being managed well. A screaming OH is such an inconveinience....at least it's her ankle and she can still do the washing-up ;)

    Well done and enjoy the downloads.

    Lisa xxx

  • at least it's her ankle and she can still do the washing-up

    She's the cook - I'm the dishwasher!!! Still...may lose a few pounds (need to!!).

    My OH still smokes and its been very noticeable how her daily life in hospital is ruled by the ciggies. I wish she could see through my eyes to the excuses and insane reasoning, however 6 months ago I was spouting the same BS!!

    We live in a first floor flat and since 'we' gave up (her 3 hours, me 6 months) she has magnaminously smoked in the spare room (fair play). Given her lack of mobility and the time she has to take off, it's going to be a smoky flat (Same predicament as Mash). Wish me luck!!! and patience!!! and a zipped mouth (I really really hate incidious smoking grrrrrr) :) :::grits teeth and tries to be a good husband:::

    Game of Thrones was brilliant as usual....Can't wait to see how King Joffrey meets his maker (hopefully in a hostel [sic] manner!!!!)

  • Congratulations on 6months Dave. Hope your OH is recovering soon. Jacqui. Quit date: 10.2.12

  • Well done Dave on 6 mths im around that time myself . i broke my ankle once took 6 mths to heal due to smoking it really starves the body of the bits and bobs we need to heal, spin that yarn to your oh and u never know what might happen.


  • Well done Dave :D

    There seems to be an awful lot of Brummies on here :D

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery to your OH :)

  • Thanks PR for your bad PR of Brum. My mate lives in Castle Vale and it's actually not that bad. All cities have shitty areas near the centre...Digbeth's OK, you're right next door to all the Markets, Chinatown, The Arcadian, Bullring etc...what do you expect?


    on reaching 6 months

    sorry to read about your OH breaking her ankle ouch very painful :(

    i did try uploading a video of some penguins but it wouldnt let me

    so you will just have to have a pic instead

  • Well done CatMan Dave on reaching 6 months :D

  • Thanks for the best wishes everybody and thanks for pingus Carol.

    I agree that Digbeth is not the best area but it does have a load of Irish pubs which usually makes for a good night out!!! Will be sticking to Solihull for the forseeable future :rolleyes:

    Schools: bring back the slipper/cane - soon be sorted!!!! :D

  • ha ha I went to Handsworth Wood Boys school. I started there not long after it was built, it was ok then. I used to smoke behind the bicycle sheds. Now I don't smoke anywhere.

    Anyway well done Dave

  • I did have a big post, in answer to yours PR...but you know what, I deleted it. Posting replies on this forum is too damn exhausting and I have better things to do.

  • So this is were all the brummies are hiding....PR hope you didnt teach in "heartlands high" in/and around my time

    Well done dave on getting to 6 months i hope i can reach this stage soon...Also hope your OH's ankle heels quickly without a operation.

    Solihull is alot better then birmingham/digbeth

  • The press blame the schools but you can't teach kids who have no ability, no desire, no vision.

    Single parents are a social disaster.

    Where is the dad? Where is the marriage certificate and vows?

    It's not the children who are bastards. It's their feckless bio dads.

    All the single mothers smoked. I wonder why?

    Unbelievable, and you were a teacher!! :eek:

    On a brighter note, well done Dave :) :D

  • A big WELL DONE Dave! And commiserations to your OH - hope she's on the mend very soon!


  • Penthouse Roof

    Single parents are a social disaster.

    Where is the dad? Where is the marriage certificate and vows?

    It's not the children who are bastards. It's their feckless bio dads.

    All the single mothers smoked. I wonder why?

    Not all Dads disappear and I take offence to the above statement.

  • Fathers for justice is some fancy falsehood. A father should never divorce or leave home. Take your vows and stay together. No divorce. Sleazy option leads to damaged kids.

    Maybe this happened in your household, but grow up and stop being a dinosaur

  • :mad: what a pile of tosh your spouting penthouse what do you know about single familes is it best then to stay together for the kids when there is physical abuse going on between the parents and shouting and screaming matches

    i think not and single parents can make as good a parent as married ones my siblings and i all grew up living with our mum and seeing our dad on a regular basis and none of us have ever had probs

    and sadly i had to bring my daughters up on my own and im proud of both of them for having the values i was taught

    it dont matter if you have both parents around its the values parents teach there kids that matter the most

    respect for others and treating them as you want to be treated are what matters

    your a bigot and have no idea

  • Hey P.R I can see u now up there on the roof with lightning shooting from your fingers as you point... HeHe HE HE .WORRA PICTURE.... HA HA HA He he he trump trump


  • Oh My......

    Sometimes, by only visiting here at week ends, I miss all the live drama. :rolleyes:

    No comments required from me on the derailment - that has been dealt with, but I would like to say congrats to you, Dave. You have done brilliantly!

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