6 month today

Morning all you fellow quitters.

The weather here in swansea is lovely and sunny today. Was just reading through the posts and seen Sams and remembered its Bloody 6 months for me today YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. This is my second longest quit now so my next goal is in 30 days to beat my longest quit. I feel a lot better this time there has been a lot of ups and downs in my life and fags have come to my mind but have not been to hard to dismiss. Thank you all for your support as always. Here I am half way to the top floor.xxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hi Linda :D

    Great well done you on 6 months quit WOW



    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Well done you

    Hi Linda, Congratulations. I am so pleased for you :) My longest quit was 2 years so I have a way to go before I can beat that one. I know I will but won't be posting that for a while. The weather here in Northampton is also lovely today. Am off to my mums in Norfolk today. My family come from Tredegar & spent a pleasant few days in Swansea years ago. Enjoy the sun & congrats again. Love Gaynor. xxx

  • Thank you Marg and Gaynor.

    Feels good to be at 6 months. Got my eldest gran daughter to day shes 10 going on 20 the only thing she wants to do now is. Shopping and starbucks HEHE.xxxxxx

  • ;)Big congratulations to you Linda really pleased for you, You must be over the moon it's bloody brilliant

    big hug from me to you



  • Hi Linda,

    6 month`s is brilliant well done,



  • fullfreestuff.com/free-grap...

    Wooohooooo Congratulations Linda!

    Will be in the penthouse 3 months after you!!!!!!!

  • Well done Linda,

    You will beat your last quit easily and carry on straight to that Penthouse, see you there.:D



  • Hi Linda,

    Congratulations. 6 MONTHS - very impressive milestone, well done.


  • Congrats Linda,

    Very proud of you :)

  • Briliant six months big hugs :)

  • Hi Linda hun

    Huge well done!! You are an absolute star...6 months wow you :)



  • Great big Well Done Linda you will make it all the way to complete freedom.

    Love Jackie x

  • Well done Linda.

    Keep on keepin on

  • Thank you very much everyone your post allways mean a lot. Thank you again.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Great going Linda on 6 months+ See you in the penthouse....:D

  • Hi Linda, 6 months is fantastic, you have done bloody brilliant!

    keep smiling


  • :D well done,you:D

    its a great feeling isnt it:D


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