No Smoking Day
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6 Months ago today

I went to see my Dr about stopping smoking. I smoked my last cigg at 10pm and have not had one puff since. There has not been one moment that I would have smoked again. Yes I have had cravings, but EVERY craving I had made me more determined not to smoke.

If you had of said to me 7 months ago I would be sitting here a non smoker in April next year I would have laughed at you. I never thought I could do it. Until that day I got up and thought enough is enough. I don't want to smoke anymore and haven't since.

If I can do it, after 25 years of smoking, so can anyone, you just have to believe it !!!

For the last 6 months 0 hours 6 minutes I have been smoke-free,

Thats 2,548 cigarettes not smoked :eek:,

£616.62 not spent,

and 1 week 1 days 20 hours 20 minutes of life saved

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Really inspiring post Levs - and a massively huge well done on getting to 6 months.

Fabulous to hear :D :D


A really big well done!! what an achievement and proof that it can be done, are you listening all you newbies. Thanks for this post it gives all us new ones hope, Bet. x:D


Great to hear Levs, well done on your 6months quit :cool:


Hi Sian

What an excellent achievement, I remember my 1st day here posting as a newbi, not really knowing what to expect and up you popped withn a warm welcome and some words of advice.

Everytime I have hit a wall and posted, you have been around to lend support and guidance. I am truly pleased for you keep up the good work!!



oh, Sian, you must feel amazing... and you should! 6 months is great, and I've loved having you around and reading your posts. You're always there to support people who may need it.

Hope you celebrate with lots of wine :D


you must feel so good about yourself ,well done . Hope you are going to treat yourself :D


that really gave this newbie hope! well done you.

and thankyou x


Thank you for your kind messages.

I am over the moon. I think it really hit on sunday when I was out over the allotment all day and smoking didn't even enter my head. Only when a lad was trying to start a bonfire for his grandad and needed help with the light did it occur to me that I thought about it at all.

To any newbies it is so possible to do. It may be ard at times but the other side of that is so good. Don't try to do too much in one go. Take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time. That was my mantra at the start and look whats happened, all those minutes hours and days made up six months !!



Congratulations :D


Well done Sian, its a great feeling.

Six months, five days, 3 hours, 50 minutes and 29 seconds. 3743 cigarettes not smoked, saving £898.37. Life saved: 1 week, 5 days, 23 hours, 55 minutes.


That's bloody brilliant Levs


Sian, my dear friend, I hope to be sitting here ten years from now and seeing you laughing at me!

Excellent job on your quit! Are you sure you got your dates right?


You know me I am a stickler for dates so I would be exact. :D:D

And you know me Jorge I'll always laugh at you my friend pmsl :D:D


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