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Last Day in This room

Major craving at the moment because I find it hard using the computer without cigarettes. The last week has been difficult because I returned to work after 2 months of being off with work related stress. The individual that caused the problem is blanking me big time and in my job communication is so important. I feel let down and I've been so close to buying those damned cancer sticks.

Today is my day off thank goodness. I've been using the e-cig and it has helped. I have definitely felt physically better. Having said that my chest feels tight today and like I might have a chest infection but it might be the start of getting rid of all the rubbish. I got up this morning with a plan not to go anywhere near the e-cigarette for as long as possible. I know the cravings are going to come and go, just need to keep myself busy.

It is day 14 though and I honestly didn't think I could let go of those things. It's still one day at a time and I'm pleased I'm sticking with it even though I feel majorly stressed. :)

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Morning Ann , keep going , you are doing fine . :D


Well done Ann your just a day behind me.

Sorry to hear about your work related issues, try to take no notice and please dont give up your quit because of it, or as well as making you miserable at work they have made you do something you dont really want to do (smoke), think how smug this will make them!! usually find that people who like to make others miserable are not happy in their own sad lives x


Hi Ann,

I know exactly what you mean about the computer being a trigger cos I used to chain smoke when using it, but luckily its okay now cos I spend so much time on this site.

And my chest went tight on days 13/14 as well, think it was cos I was feeling a bit stressed out and craving. Am on day 17 now and feeling just fine :D apart from being permanently hungry :rolleyes: but even that is a good thing cos I hardly ever ate when I was smoking, just once a day usually which is bad.

Like toyah says, don't let work colleagues drive you back to smoking, you would be letting them win and your quit would be in tatters and you would feel so upset.

Well done on being nearly into week 3 :D, well cool :cool:

Btw, I noticed your quit date, why don't you come and join the March Hares, you would be very welcome, and we are a very supportive bunch and have long ears!!

Take care,

Zoe xxxx


Hey Ann dont let the so and so get you down . Well done for getting back to work , not sure what u do but im sure the person blanking u is preventing u from doing your job and they are not doing theres properly ,sounds like your being bullied. it may seem like an easy option to smoke now but dont go for the bait u will regret it . stick with your quit, it will give you the energy to be pro-active in demolishing this problem. hope youve got a good understanding and fair supervisor you can talk too.



Hi Ann well done on getting so far:) what isit with computers and smoking I had same problem and was bit hard when you do admin and have a farm to tend to on facebook (let's not forget the bingo,slingo and annoying people;)) but I'm on week 4 day 3(1 calendar month) and I can honestly say the association with laptop & smoking has gone. Regarding work if someone ignores you smile to yourself because you've saved yourself from having worthless and immature person in your life. Since new year I made a vow to never let unimportant people get to me this included some family members who couldn't even call and see how I was after losing 2 grandparents in less then a month may sound mean but if they can't be there for me when I need them why should I be there for them and worry about what they think of me

Now clear your mind from work and be proud your smokefree :)


See you in week 3 tomorrow woot!



Thank you everyone. I didn't manage the whole day without the e-cigarette but I managed 3/4 of it which I was very pleased with. So it's onwards and upwards into week 3. :)


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