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The Final Day in Month 6+ Room


Here it is, my bags are all packed, 6 months have seemingly gone by in the blink of an eye. Thanks to everyone who has walked the path with me these last few months. The time to move on to the penthouse is finally nearly here. If it wasn't for the old ashtray that I still keep in my utility room as a reminder and as a disincentive, then it would be difficult to imagine that I used to be a committed 20 a day smoker.

I'll keep posting from time to time, mainly to encourage those who might be having a hard time quitting, and also those who are getting close to the goal that I am on the brink of.

Thanks to all who have helped me get here.

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Amazing...enjoy your new room x

Oh yes! :)

It's an absolutely fantastic achievement Carl, I bet you can't wait to be able to say officially "I'm now a whole year quit" :)

Top man, I await your 1 year post tomorrow! \0/. :)

Fantastic Carl, are you treating yourself to anything special? X

Don't know what I'm going to do Caroline...I'm just going to let the feeling of being 1 year smoke free sink in and take it from there.

OMG so exciting! :) look forward to your post tomorrow xx

The feeling the final hours...Karri nailed it...its like a Christmas Eve feeling, knowing that tomorrow is a special day. Next post will be coming live from the Penthouse.:) Buzzing.

Nice job. I can't wait to get to 1 year.

Jess91000 Days Smoke Free

Well done x

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