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so, i'm new!


i just joined ! I'm on day 5 and feeling quite ok, except some random mind-controlled feelings at times (like; i'll sit down and be like "wait a second, where did I put my cigarettes again ?" or start counting change for bread and stop counting only when i reach the price of a pack...) but i usually snap out of it pretty fast. It's quite eerie though :p

I quit with nicotine gum for the first 3 days because i know they're the worst (not my first time , far from it :p )and then quit that too, been going 2 days with no nicotine in my system , that might be why I get mind controlled !

My sense of smell is returning . I need to clean my rat's cage, it's so bad that i can't breathe without my sleeve covering my nose, I can't believe i couldn't smell it before . Time for a huge cleaning session :D

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Clarinette, welcome to the site, and well done for getting to day 5!

All new quitters should buy a jumbo sized bottle of febreze, it's unbelievable what you start to smell once you've been quit a while. My kids have hamsters, so I know whereof you speak. :D

The weirded out feeling will pass soon. Keep on trucking!


Oh hi :) thanks for the quick reply! yeah technically it's my son's it legal to have HIM clean the cage? he's 10 :D e On the other hand i can smell spring outsides ! i forgot to mention i smoked for 12 years . I had forgotten what spring smelled like: it smells like holidays . Funny, last time i smelled it I was in college :)

I had EXACTLY that experience with spring last year. In fact I couldn't understand why the smell was reminding me of my childhood, until I realised that the last time I'd properly smelled spring was when I was 17. Some 25 years before :eek:

Of course your son can clean his rat's cage. My kids (9 and 11) can clean out their hamsters. Whether they WILL or not is another matter entirely.

ah well too late it's clean now (the rat took a bath too, aren't rats supposed to like water ? he hates me now :p )

Yes how strange that every smell makes me feel younger ! and it's only the beginning .

reading the forum with my ponytail over my nose, I can smell soft tones of very industrial shampoo perfume, and henna. My last henna was 6 months ago. Oh I didn't mention i'm autistic : well I am, with a very strong smell sensitivity that seems to be coming back thank god, life is awesome .

Well done girl so i take it you are going cold turkey ?

If so buy Allen Carr's book. It's less than a price of 20 smokes on ebay.

I quit a week a ago but the book arrived on sat and i've already read most of it.

It will be the best book you have ever read. That's my advice to you.

Good luck.

Hi clarinette and welcome to the forum :) Love your name btw, it reminds me of when I used to play the clarinet years ago.

Well done on reaching day 5, you are well on your way now :D. I agree how nice it is when our sense of smell starts to return, except when I walk past a group of smokers, ewww :eek:. And taste, too, bananas and oranges taste awesome to me now, and yet I never wanted them before.

You're doing well, so stay positive, you can do this :D.


Zoe xx

Thanks guys ! i don't think you can call it cold turkey since i had gum the first days , but I'll continue as I am doing (with nothing .............) Spring does help :) Thanks everyone :)

Oh and zoemac : My name is claire and i'm french , my dad used to call me that when i was a kid, it does mean clarinet :)

Welcome to the fourm! You will find a lot of help on this site. I have tried to quit countless times, and everytime i have been on here i have been made to feel very welcome, because at the end of the day we are all in the same boat, and sometimes all it takes is for you to ask for help and one if not all of us will try our hardest to make sure you down go over board!!

Hi everyone and thanks for the replies!

day 7 yay!! *jumps up and down *

I'm definitely obsessing about food . As I type i'm clenching the chair so i don't run to the kitchen and start making pancakes or french toast . Craving carbs and sugar ! (and bacon? mmmh bacon....)

i'm going to be very fat, very soon. It makes me happy though , at least eating is healthy , and i can afford a few extra's ok and yummy .

The rat's cage is going to be moved to the kid's playroom , I know it's cruel but even cleaning it every day, i can't breathe .

Ok i'm going to bake stuff. see you soon........


good for you on reaching day 7

your senses def change when you quit and tastes for that matter

what you baking anything nice?

here is a site that ive posted on here before where if your stuck for a recipe you just put in the ingredients you do have and it will give you some choices to help inspire you

onwards and upwards is the only way to go :)

Ha!! thanks for the cooking site! I've been making lots of pancakes and french toast , at least I still was last week (i at day 12, this thread belongs in the past :p) it seems to be calming down a bit now :)

edit: oooh i'm bookmarking this :D thank you !

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