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I'm new to this

Hello everyone,

my name is Melba and I'm a smoker. But I have been trying to quit and I think I've done pretty good. I was smoking anywhere from a pack to a pack and 1/2 a day. It depends on my day. A little history I started smoking about 32 yrs ago. And I'm 50yrs old, now fixing to turn 51 in 4 days. I tried sevral times to quit with no sucess. But as of Nov. 15th of this year the place I work become a no smoking campass we can't even go to our cars to smoke. And I work at a Mental Hospital so you can image my day I work 10hr days. Any I started last week not going to my car and I went 4 days with out smoking at work so I thought If I can do that and (belive me it wasn't easy working with these people) then I can do it at home well I'm not saying I have not but I am down to half of what I was smoking. I'm not taking anything I am doing a lot of deep breathing and eating alot of winter mints. And so I am hoping to work my way down to nothing. I'm sorry this is long being my first but it feels good to write it out thanks for reading. You all have a great day.

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Thank you i was starting to think no one was out there. I wasn't for sure where to start a thread. But thank you again.


Hi Melba,

Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you really want to quit, and that's what's important. There are lots of people here who will have had similar experiences and who can share their insight with you.

Because everyone's different and everyone finds different things work, it's difficult to say, but taking it easy and gently, one step at a time, and moving onto the next step when you feel ready and confident is probably a good idea.

I would also recommend (from my experience, but perhaps not everyone would agree) that you make sure that the first day you make your way down to nothing is not a working day, but one of your day's off work.

I know everyone says it's important to keep busy (IT IS!), but I think it's also important to devote time to your quit initially. Perhaps just a couple of days is enough, but it helps (I found it did) to get over those first days with as few other sources of stress as possible and to keep busy with nice things instead. Plan nice things to do for the first days. Deep breathing is great, lots and lots of water is too, and chewing gum or munching raw vegetables.

Have a read around the forum, I'm sure you'll get other ideas and lots of support.

Good luck!



Thanks Elenita,

I know what you mean. It's like yes I want to quit BUT then there is part of me says no. How do you get ruin of that part and on my days off I have really tried I keep them out of my site amd keep telling myself in a min. i'll get one. and then take my deep breath


Hello Melba and welcome :)

I stumbled across this site nearly 4 weeks ago and have found it a great place for support and advice. The knowledge of a community of people going though the same deal as you really helps. I wish you every success with your quit, nobody his going to judge you, only support you along the way.

Stay with us.


Many people find that rather than saying I'm going to QUIT SMOKING, which can sound huge and rather daunting to a long-term smoker, it is better to say I am not going to smoke this morning, or I am not going to smoke today. Trying one day, just one day, and seeing how it goes, and then taking it from there. One hour at a time. Without putting all the pressure on oneself. So the aim is I am not going to smoke today (tomorrow's another day).

It is very difficult to take the first step, I know. Keep reading and posting and writing down your thoughts. I'm sure it'll help.

I'm going out for my evening walk :). Have a good evening, all of you.


And the one thing that makes me mad is for an exsmoker to make a comment about smoking. OMG Telling someone that they stinks or telling you it bad for you man to me that is fighting words when they used to smoke. And I hope when I do beat this I will no I know I won't be one of them. has anyone been around some of this kind PEOPLE. (smile) can you tell I want one.(deep breath)


Hi Melbajj and welcome. I only joined the forum a couple of days ago and found it invaluable.

I have tried to quit several times, once reaching about 3 weeks but caved in. No-one can tell how long you are going to go but after having tried almost everything on the market, I am now going cold turkey which I believe in the end is the best way. This is probably why I'm having a rougher time early on as there's no nrt.

IMHO the only way to go is knuckle down and ride the storm. Everyone has their own way of doing it. Personally, I don't think you should change your routine too much, just get used to doing it without the cigs. I think it makes life easier in the long run rather than avoiding the things you used to do. That's only my opinion.

Good luck, this forum will help you loads.



Hello Ruth,

I know what you mean and I agree why change everything. If you do you might as well crawl in a hole just like everything else you have to grab the bull by it's horn and ride if you fall get back up and ride again. I think I'm going to like it here. It's nice to know your not out there a lone. But you know it's sad that we have let that like thing control us. Have a good day


Hello and welcome:D


Welcome Melba

We must be the same age i will be 51 on the 15th this month been smoking 33 years 2 packs a day at the end. best thing you can do is give it a try take it hour by hour first then day by day. You havent lost any thing if you only last a few days but you would of learned a lot ready for the next time. We are all here to help with support. Best of luck Linda xxxxxxx


Hello Mel, and welcome to the best place to be. Loads of help, support and knowledge here so make use of us/them/it!:D


Your Quit

You've come to the right place for support in your Quit. If we can do it, so can you, and we certainly know what you are going through!

It is doable!


Rob W

Quit: October 18, 2007

Method: Cold Turkey


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