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No Smoking Day
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Beer gardens are now open and craves are back

well first day of proper sunshine today, and the first day able to sit by the river in a beer garden, and it was tough!

I knew it would be. It seemed everyone was smoking apart from me. I kept off the booze as a precaution and crave after crave came but i didnt cave. Another test passed.

One positive, apart from loving the sunshine, was that the smokers smelt bad!

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Well done you. I reckon the whole of the first year must be difficult due to all the'first times' first time in beer garden..first time on a beach..first summer barby etc...im avoiding going out to resist lol.:)


:DWell done you Ben, and to stay off the beer too because as we all once you have a drink it doesnt stop their. So Congratulations to you.

All the best on your quit


Quit Date: 10.2.12

Member of Fab Febbers 2012.


eeewww it was a beer garden on a hot sunny day that ruined a perfectly good 6 mth quit of mine.. it just looked so perfect and after 6 mths i was indestructable ...i didnt even fight the crave i just demanded a pint of lager and a b+h. 3 days later and a hangover from hell found me a shell of my former glorious self a quivering wreck. indestructable my arse.... that was my first ever serious quit. i ended up hating myself and failing every attempt to quit ,it took me year to quit again.... beer gardens sorry ...full of drunks and self indulgent easy to forget fun...i avoid booze like the plague cos thats just what it is.....never going there again.



The recent sun shine of only last week was a hard one, I struggled with it - ok with the drink though but found it was just being outside that really done it as I only ever smoked out there never in the house. B B Qs and sitting in the sun when and if it returns is going to be a hard one......:cool:



"Why does 'stuff' always happen after a few months into a quit that really try us?"

Stuff happens all the time. WE only notice it when it affects what we're trying to do. For example, we only notice a slow driver we're stuck behind if we're in a hurry. If we're not in a hurry we will not notice them. We are being tried all the time. A fag doesn't make it any better or less trying. It just makes it more expensive. I'm STILL trying to be less angry. I get cross about things very quickly. I believe that a fag will make it better. I know that it won't.


... but I guess we hust have to do our best here to hang on

I think there is an understanding and embracing the fact that smoking is in the past, that best friend wasn't!

Read, read, reading will hopefully take you from the mindset of 'hanging on' into a far more comfortable place. After all, non smokers don't have to 'hang on' and nor do us ex smokers either.

If you haven't then I should recommend reading two members' posts - Austinlegro and Hellesbelles. Different but both crammed full of valuable information.

Of course we are strong willed folk us smokers of yore. So do remember that the full picture isn't visible until you add in your own take on things.


Hey FElic. dont let my experience put u off. im now a reformed character. ivstarted deliberatly going into situations that go great witha smoke, but i dont have one.i dont think u need to avoid things u enjoy, just be vigilant and have an escape route. take a pal with u that will throw a bucket of water over u if u smoke or at least snatch it out of your gob. good luck

mashx ps its good to know im of some use in this world..


I like mash, roast and fried. sometimes new potatoes are good with sunday lunch. :D


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