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Smoking and free radicals - scary!!

Hi there!

I'm on day 75 of my Quit and I was thinking back to try and remember how I actually got motivated to Quit for good this time! :D

I then remembered that I was doing research about aging (I'm 40) since I felt I have aged so much in the last 5 years or so.

I then stumbled upon a whole bunch of info about anti-oxidants. (btw - this is very important for people quitting smoking and even generally)

I then further came across the 'big discovery'.. Why do smokers seem to age so fast especially into their middle ages and beyond?? Free Radicals!!

Free Radicals are believed to contribute to the process of aging since they damage cells. But smoking introduces SO MANY MORE free radicals into your body and accelerates the aging process and the deterioration of your body in such a dramatic way.

I'm not going to try to go in to the science of it.. All I can suggest is to research it and all of a sudden you might well reach the conclusion that I did...

'I'm helping my body to damage, age and die at an alarming rate.

I MUST quit smoking and SAVE myself.... otherwise NOTHING else will matter!!'

Best of luck on your journey!

There are others who have trodden this path in front of you and when we look behind we see you catching up.. You are not far behind! and we are all going through this together... staty strong and N.O.P.E :)


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Free radicals are linked to cancer too not just aging as they induce cell damage. Pretty good reasons to stop smoking but we all know this. I personally just ignored health warnings and the like until I was much older. It's amazing when you start feeling the effects of smoking that it gives a lot of use the wake up call to quit.

Good luck with your quit...and yes giving up will definately be the best thing we can do for our bodies thats for sure.

Lisa xx


Good post Mike and enough to put any sane person off smoking :eek:. Before I started trying to quit I had found that I couldn't carry my shopping home from Tescos anymore. Thought I was getting old but it was smoking!! Within about 3 or 4 weeks of quitting I found I could carry heavy weights for long distances and was truly amazed. I felt a good 12-14 years younger in a very short space of time. Unfortunately, I relapsed, quit again, relapsed and am now quit again. This time its for good.

Its interesting what you say about the free radicals in cigarettes, my Mum is 81 and yet she looks about 60 because she doesn't smoke. And even though she is a lot older than me she had more energy and could walk further and faster than me when I was smoking. So if I want to live to be her age and beyond, and be as fit as her, then staying quit smoking is defo on the top of the agenda :). And however long we have smoked, it only takes a short period of quitting to feel the benefits.

Anti-oxidants are important I know as they help in the prevention of cancer. And they are found in vegetables and fruit. Sounds like a good deal to me. Live cheaper, live longer :p its a no brainer!!

Wow, I am on a non-smoking high today!! Loving it :D.

Zoe xx

P.S. Btw my Mum recovered more quickly from surgery than me because she is a non-smoker. That says it all.


you get anti-oxidants in chocolate too. the best ones are cacao nibs from health food shops very powerful tiny little bombs of pure coco or cacao as its truly spelt..


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