DAY 3 .... and feeling pretty damned smug!

Made it to Friday, even with a meal out with friends last night and their disappearances into the beer garden for a smoke!!!

You know what stopped me, (even from going out with them to join in the chat) it was the realisation that I would need to come on here today and tell everyone, especially the folks who quitted with me, that I had lapsed and would need to go back to start!

I've been lucky in that i haven't had cravings as such ... I think if I was to pick up a cig now it would be from habit and how really stupid would that be?

Maybe the cravings will kick in, maybe I haven't had the worse of it yet ... But I'm sure I'll come back to this forum and find the strength I need

Good luck to everyone on Day 3


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  • Well done for last night Stuart, should make the weekend a bit easier too.

    Is it really Friday already? Day three dawns. :)

  • Well done Stuart, still feeling the need for a cigarette, and what puzzles me most is that I was not a heavy smoker, maybe 10 a day. Oh well onwards and upwards, and gonna fight those cravings :)

  • Yep, day 3 dawns and the weekend beckons!!!! Hopefully not being in work for 2 days will not affect my non-smoking, just gotta keep an eye on getting to Monday and seeing you all back here!!

    Glad to see you here today! :D


  • Well done Stuart! That's given me hope that I can go out tonight too! Was thinking of staying in this weekend to avoid temptation. I can't drink either so I am on Becks blue... not too bad, but I always associate a beer with a cigarette. Well done for getting to day three and let's hope this Friday goes quickly!

  • Im at work again this afternoon til late, but I am off for the weekend, I am going out tomorrow night, but I wont be drinking as I have to drive so hopefully no temptation there for me. I also have somethings I want to do this weekend so if I am busy then hopefully it will keep my mind off smoking. Well done to you as well Kimbolina :cool:

  • well done kim, clare and suze! we made it! :D

    just keep thinking when you're out in company that you're not the odd one out any more! you won't be sitting there in the resturant or pub with a stale scent around and on you! You won't have to go out in the cold and rain and huddle round a single ashtray! You won't be quite literally burning hundreds (maybe thousands) of your hard-earned cash for nothing back from it, except ALL the downsides of smoking!!!

    No-one got rich from smoking, no-one got healthier from smoking, no-one got more popular from smoking (unless you're 13 and think it's cool)

    let's meet up on monday with good news


  • Good idea Stuart, lets meet on monday, provided you and Denise havent been locked up.... lol. I think coming on here has helped me a lot, I think I fear letting you all down if I fall off the wagon.

  • absolutely, that's always in the back of my mind when i even think about having a cig! what will i tell them back on the forum????

    it's a way of getting through it, and I suppose whatever keeps you focussed is a good thing.

    and I'll try and stay out of the pokey for the next 2 days lol

    (for those of you who don't know ... pokey means the jail!!!)


  • Day3

    Hi - well done to all the other quitters! I'm still going strong and esp well done to Kwitta who's also conquered the 'going out with friends who smoke' scenario - a mighty effort. I'm not too worried about the w/e as I'm self employed and only work on Sats and Suns and never smoke then anyway so I shld be fine. Plus can't go out cos my best friend has just had an op so she's not well enough to go out just yet so that's a bit of a blessing in disguise I guess. Cravings almost disappeared now - guess cos that's most of the nicotine will be out of our bodies by day 3 - now it's the psychological battle that ensues - keep going everyone we really can kick this - 3 days cold turkey so ain't no going back now for me!

  • plus I agree with you guys about the 'shame' of having to come back on here and admit if you fall off the wagon. But I know it ain't gonna happen. Couple of weeks time we won't even remember what it was like to smoke and our lives will be healthier, wealthier and wise. !!

  • Yep, so agree there AN, looking forward to that time in a few weeks when we can all say 'god, i remember when i used to smoke ....what a dumplin!!!':D

  • Well done all of you! :D

    You remind me of our little crew (see my sig below) when we first started.

    It's good to hook up with people to help motivate each other and stay quit.

    Out of our original crew below, Rochelle, Si and I are still posting and coming towards the end of our second month smoke free. :D

    Becs hasn't posted for a while but sounded strong so I hope she has stayed quit.

    Dolly (who the crew was named after) slipped after going away for a weekend.

    Two things didn't help her; firstly she stayed off the forum whilst away and secondly, she kept a stash of "just in case" fags in her possession :eek: - Fatal!

    Stick together and you can help each other through this.

    Just keep posting and if you have got any fags left lying around, soak them in water and throw them away.

    Good luck, you all sound positive and committed and I'm sure you'll make it. :D

  • Gary I dont have any "just in case" cigarettes, and I am glad cos if I had I would have crumbled and smoked them before now, and as I said before I will feel like I am letting yous all down as well as myself :)

  • Ha ha, yeah it is going to be totally gutting to have to come back and say 'sorry guys I cracked'!! I figure now we are on day three it can only get better from here on in. I was even walking to work today pitying the smokers - auch a hypocrite already!!

  • Hey Gary, thanks for the post, it's good to hear from people who are ahead of us, not too far to not remember recently what we are going through.

    Looking forward to getting to the end of month 2 myself

    Thanks for chattin with us


  • Bloody hell, if I had any 'just in case' cigarettes they would have been totally smoked by now. Instead I am eating, drinking, chewing everything in sight!

  • Yes you're right Gary - 'just in case' fags are lethal. That said, I have had 2 in the cupboard for the last 3 days and told my husband to remove them last night as they weren't needed anymore. He's quitting on Monday next week (never a good plan for man and wife to quit together methinks).

    I think we should have a group too - what say you Kwitta, Clare 141, and any other Day 1, 2 or 3 quitters - don't have a scooby how to set one up but I'd be game for it - if it just helps us all then it has to be a positive.

  • LOL, kim i know what you mean, i watched two guys outside their office this morning as i was sitting on the bus. They were lighting up and I thought, you are just going to smell like that ALL day!!!


    hypocrite? maybe not

    enlightened? definitely!!!!


  • Kimbolina, I know exactly how you feel, eating and drinking everything in sight too, more so than usual lol, it can only get better from now hopefully.

    Stuart I think we should start a club of our own and call ourselves Kwitta's Kwit Krew, for all of us here on day 3, a bit like Captian and the Dolly Mixtures Crew :D

  • Hi Kimbolina

    Good to see another day 3er! We can beat this ........ no doubts!

  • Yeah, lets get our group set up!! I'm game!

    so ... ummmm ..... how do we do it then?


  • loving the name Clare lol - I'm game if everyone else is!

  • OMG read my post AN, I had the same idea as you and we must have just about posted at the same time lol.

    Funny thing was yesterday, at a bus stop was a woman smoking and it actaully made me shudder looking at her smoking, how bizarre :)

  • not a scooby Kwitta - lol !

  • Like you AN I dont have a scooby on how to set it up, so yes I am game for it, Stuart surely you must know how to do this sorta thing, if so do it and we can join :-)

  • i'm on it ..... setting it up even as we speak

    (jeez, i really need to get back to work sometime today lol)

  • Clare - that's really eerie isn't it! I actually stood next to a postie on Wed asking him where something was and he was smoking a fag whilst I was chatting and you know - it never even bothered me - but then I just thought to myself 'loser' - how bloody sanctimonius was I - I'd only been stopped about 12 hrs! lol

  • Kwitta #youreastar !

  • Ah sod work Stuart, at least when you are at work you can do this sorta thing, can you imagine me doing it?? I will just park the bus up and say "hang on a min i need to post in the no smoking forum" to my passengers, yeah I'm sure that would go down like a lead balloon lol :cool:

  • ps now we're all friends you can call me Carole rather than AN if you wish! #myhonoraryfriends lol

  • AN so what if we think other people are losers for smoking, dont lets think of ourselves as hypocrites, lets give ourselves a pat on the back for coming this far, and if thinking that about others helps us along the way then so be it, as long as they stay as thoughts and have a positive effect on us :p

  • Kwitta's Kwit Krew

    Our group is up and running (I think)

    Just go to Social Groups on your CP and join ... I left it public

    Come on in, get yer ticket and take yer chances!!!!

  • Clare - ROFL at that - abs hilarious - "no sorry can't issue you with a bus ticket - just gotta post on the No Smoking Forum" - !!!!

  • errr..... sorry.... Carole lol :o

  • lol, yeah i can imagine that might be a tad awkward clare, but you might encourage others to do it ... or you might just royally pee them off!!!

  • Well done Stuart! The benefits of an office job! ;-)

  • Yay I have joined Kwitta's Kwit Krew, I am feeling so much better now today, I dont think I have such bad cravings and the posts are making me laugh which is good, I need to walk my dog soon and also go to the post office, and I also have work later, I have managed to get onto the forum on my phone so I can check in when I am at work, although only on my break

  • yay, we got a KREW, we're like ... cool now!!!:cool:

    woohoo ... duuuude *frantic hand gesturing*

  • Ha ha. Psychologically I think it is definately benificial to be in the 'team'!! What I want to know is how you got a profile picture Stuart? Can't figure it out?!?

  • i just went into my profile ... edit pictures and browse for one (you might need to decrease it forst so it only weighs 64k)

    then save changes!

    i think!

  • Thanks - managed it! :D

  • Just read this whole thread and was taken back to the early days/weeks of my quit. I just want to wish you all the best and to say never get disheartened by it ,keep supportin one another. trust me it gets a whole lot better the freedom is awesome.


  • Thanks Mash, so far the support I have had on here has been a tremendous help, and also I dont want to appear a failure to everyone if I crumble, so those things are keeping me strong :cool: xxx

  • cheers mash, appreciate the encouragement!

    good to have people like you around for support!!


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