No Smoking Day

got to feel a bit smug ! :)

i had my end of unit accounts exam today. obviously everyone was nervous and my two partners in crime from my course are both smokers. i still go out and stand with them when they smoke as its better then standing on my own and one of my friends turned to me and said "i bet your gutted your not smoking today arnt you"

i just looked at her and laughed. she was like "what?" and i just said "nothing. and the answer to your question is no im not."

felt really good cos i thought i really am not gutted at all and it made me laugh how her mindset towards it is typical of what mine was just 3 weeks or so ago

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Yes she regards smoking as something she treats herself to, rather than an addiction she is controlled by.

One day she will see the light. ;)


That sort of moment is always nice.

Always good to know you don't want one, while the others puff away thinking its helping them.

To know that poison does not relieve stress, or make you feel better. All it does is stave of withdrawals for the next few minutes.

It doesn't make you feel good, but it makes you feel better than withdrawal symptoms do.

It's good to know that, to understand why you smoke.

They will find out one day - you can only hope those you care about find out in time.


Good for you:)

It does make you smile when you know what they don't know,hopefully one day she will;)


Well done and you deserve that smug feeling!!


Great stuff..fantastic...well done to you and me.... I feel smug by proxy too!!!!



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