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Damn im feeling good

Hi All,

Day 5 and I'm feeling actually really really good.

All the cravings have gone well for now. The first couple of days were terrible, but im amazed how good i feel and sort of free. Dont feel the need to have to go out in the -10 conditions to have a ciggie, to count my pennies to buy them, my clothes smell nice when i get home.

Been doing alot of jogging also which has helped a great deal.

All i have to say is that i know its only day 5 but im already looking forward to month one cos if i feel this after 5 days then who can imagine how people feel after a month.

Well have a good day and all of you trying and actually doing it good luck and all the best.


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SO glad you are feeling well.

It's amazing how NOT doing something can make you feel so good, isn't it?

When faced with the choice to smoke or not.... simply choosing to do nothing makes all the difference!

Good for you!


Hey Cavaco,

I'm on day 5 as well. I can't say I'm noticing any specific changes - but I have got more energy. I went to the gym yesterday and for the first time in a long while, I didnt feel out of breath.

I did however have a bad night last night (i.e. bed time) because I had a craving and I couldn't get to sleep. However, after a few mins, I did feel fine.

You are doing really well buddy :) keep it up



yeh i just think its one of those days when i feel really good.

Im sure ill feel crap again in a few days or when im out with mates , but going to to take the good days really well ha.

But going to just stay positive because this time i really really want to stay quit.

Good luck Philip_ross with your quit we can carry on posting and support eachother.

Good luck


Can I ask, areu doing this cold turkey or using NRT?


HI mate

Cold turkey, smoked since i was 15 so 16 years 15 - 20 a day.


Well done - keep it up buddy u r doing so well!! Post here as often as u need to and u can private message me if u want to as well.


Cheers mate will do defo. Well good luck also and like wise . Im sure you will keep it up.



hi there

you are doing really well keep it going onwards and upwards



congrats on your quitting . just one day at a time or so i have been told .

it cannot be harder than the first 72 hours so it must all be fun again .

remember to beat the addiction you have to admit you had one to start with .


Hi there, so pleased to hear that you are feeling great and so positive. Well done xx


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