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Champix? Anyone tried it?

Hi all,

I'm new here and this is my first post.

I have been a smoker for over thirty years and figure I'm pushing my luck to say the least! and want to give up. To that end, my GP has prescribed Champix, which I started taking about 5 days ago (still smoking at present) Just wondered what others experience of this treatment was, as I'm sure their are plenty of members here who have used it. Already tried NRT. Helped me cut down, but that was it. Couldn't go all the way as I found that whilst I cut down (which was obviously good) it made the few fags I did smoke far more enjoyable! Anyway, Hi to all.

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Welcome :D. There are lots of people who have tried champix. Everyone will tell u their story but it has different affects on different ppl. It's very good but like everything else you need willpower. Keep reading and posting, it's what gets me through it :eek:


Thanks ShoJam,

Yep. Willpower will always be needed (sadly!) No magic wand! Whatever, hope it helps. I am at the stage where not giving up scares me more than carrying on!


Champix has worked for me, stopped smoking in the second week and had no worrying side effects.

Willpower is a must, there have been several times I've wanted a ciggie, but the craving subsided.

Read all the useful info on here - I use it as a distraction.

Good luck:)



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