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Almost time to bid farewell to week 2

Morning all

Today is my last day inhabiting (is that a real word?) the week 2 section. I will be striding on to week 3 tomorrow, and won't be looking back.

I'm not sure if week 3 is a different beast to week 2, but I'm ready for it, whatever it wants to bring.

To all other week 2's, keep up the great work. Will be seeing you in the week 3 section very soon.


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congratulations on your accomplishment! :-) You are doing so well, keep it up!

PS Does anyone know why I cannot add new threads and cannot access the groups?, I was able to access the groups before but it seems since the update I cannot anymore and I cant add new threads either, All I can do on this site is reply to peoples posts... Tried emailing admin a week ago but I got no reply:confused:


nevermind... I can add threads now but I cant access the groups I belong too:confused:


Congrats Dellboy!!!

Two weeks is a big achievement. Im heading into my my 4th week and so far the 2nd week was the worst for me. Week 3 has been a doodle compared to week 2. Hope you have an easy week 3 too.

Good luck.


By now you should have forgotten how to use a lighter and the ashtray should be full of spare change.


Mash x


All memories of such things have left my mind completely!! If I keep telling myself that often enough, maybe it will become true one day :D

Do feel that my purchase of the nicotine inhaler and 42 refills was a bit over the top!! Only used 3 of the refills before stopping using that.

Thanks for being so helpful and supportive throughout week 2. No doubt will speak to some of you over in week 3



Well done dellboy. Keep strong and keep on track. Im also heading to week 3 soon. We can do this. Jacqui quit date: 10.2.12


Good job dellboy :D i can't believe week 2 has come around so quick :) it sounds so bizarre saying we're onto week 3! :D half way there to a month!



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