Tonight @ 7:30 WITHOUT regret I bid Month 1 a fond farewell.

It is of to Month 2, I still find it hard to believe!

But lets be seriouse, this has not been easy! BUT was it as hard as we though it would be, or as hard as we were told it GONNA BE ?

I have to say NO! mainly due to this forum, but it was not as hard as I expected (Oh I have had some days from hell believe me, we ALL have) but they are far and few, to any new quitters take heart it's HARD, but not as hard as they will have you believe :) and the rewards WOW to many to mention!!!!

Onto Month 2

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  • Congrats!! A month!! Your posts are really inspirational!! Keep up the good work!!


  • congrats on month two gary

  • Woohoo Month 2 !!

    Well Done :D


  • Ummm errr Month 2 @ 7:30 tonight!

    Last thing I want is to be called a cheat LOL

  • Woohoo Month 2! (tomorrow) :D

    Erm like you're not going to make it to 7.30 or something.....we have faith in you Gary.....faith !!


  • LOL

    Yea thanks pip, 11:00 am here (South africa) it is truly wonderfull to say I dont smoke :)

    What is even better is the sense of freedom that comes with being a non smoker!

    We have a relaxed environment at work if you want to smoke, simple go out side and have a smoke. (I work for a Wholesale Nursery) no one monitors smoke breaks etc!

    Since quitting I am 30% - 40% more productive cause I dont have everyone saying lets go for a smoke when they in the mood, and I dont keep going for a smoke when I am in the mood (we talking about 8 or 10 smoke breaks a day) do the math i get a lot more done then the smokers!

    How great is it to go to bed or wak up with out worrying if you have enough smokes?

    Ha I love not smoking so yea pip you rite chances of me smoking before 7:30 tonight Zip, Nada, zero and fokol (afrikaans word google it LOL)

  • Hi Gary,

    Congratulations on reaching the Month 2 room tonight, you have done so well:D I will be joining you there on Sunday (if I make it) so make sure it is clean and tidy in there, no crumbs on the floor and no KFC!! Time for a bit of healthy eating I think, before I start to look like a Goodyear balloon:mad:

    You have done so well Gary and stayed so positive throughout, so I don't need to say stay strong!! So keep on enjoying ya quit, isn't it great??


  • LOL

    Ha I love not smoking so yea pip you rite chances of me smoking before 7:30 tonight Zip, Nada, zero and fokol (afrikaans word google it LOL)

    Lol, googled it but I think I prefer to read it in the English format, has a bit more impact ;)

    I have a South African customer I am dealing with a lot at the moment, love to listen to him talking, he even laughed at my Lacoste joke (in my crap South African accent!) :)


  • I add my own congratulation to making it to month 2.

  • May I also congratulate you Mr Baker, on your excellent achievement....

    May the Force Be With You during Month 2 ;)

  • Well done Gary

    I have read your posts with interest and I have to say that the thought of giving up is actually worse than giving up. Sure we have bad days / off days / days where we ask ourselves is it worth all the effort but the answer is an emphatic yes it is because health, wealth and freedom are the rewards.

    Good luck with the next milestone :D


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