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(newbie) day 2..eating everything in sight!

Hey guys

I'm new to the forum, this is my 2nd day...

I'm not doing too badly, I have had the odd moment where I could just go outside for a cig. I did smoke 20-a-day but it's not bothered me that much. My main worry is food! Which foods are really good whilst trying to quit? All I want to do is eat chocolate :rolleyes:. I've spent most of the day mooching around the house looking for things to eat lol

Any advice would be amazing :)

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Hey Booshake,

Well done on getting to Day 2 and don't worry about the food! If chocolate is what you want then have it! Bananas are good too for something sweet, and try frozen grapes, they are lush!! But stopping smoking is the most important, so go for it and post on here as much as you want!

I am only on Day 6 but am so gonna have my first week tomorrow!

Take care,

Zoe xx


I do like the odd bit of chocolate but I'm finding I really wanna eat healthy now I've stopped smoking!! I find fruit is good. Bananas, apples, pears and satsumas are good. As are carrot sticks and cucumber!!

Also making healthy choices for lunches like for tomorrow at work I've got mackerel and salad. Ill take a banana too :) want to feel healthy rather than bloated and sluggish. If I feel bloated and sluggish ill just feel miserable


Well done Booshake hope all is still going well! I'm on day 3 so not much different.I have found that 'light' hot chocolate is the way forward for me, satisfies a need for 'something' with limited guilt!


Welcome to the site Booshake.

Good advice on what to eat: frozen grapes, carrot sticks, trail mix.

Bad advice on what to eat: EVERTHING. Whatever helps. In my case particularly werthers chewy toffees, viennese whirls and buttered toast.

I'm afraid I wasn't good at the healthy food thing in the first few months of my quit. But hey, I'll be fourteen months quit in two days, so the 'do whatever gets you through' method worked for me! :D

Happy quitting,



Welcome to the site - well done on your quit!

Yeah I am just eating everything too - lots of chews, chocs, ice lollys!!

I will worry about that in a few months!!


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